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5 years ago

Hey Luuuxers! Everyone`s been raving about
Revlon`s Lip Butters for the longest time now and I finally got to jump on the bangwangon a few months ago (a little bit later than everyone else). I have five of these lip butters, but I haven`t used some of them as much as I`ve used others. The shades I have them in are /viz/swatch-revlons-lip-butter-pink-truffle, /viz/swatch-revlons-lip-butter-berry-smoothie, /viz/swatch-revlons-lip-butter-sweet-tart, /viz/swatch-revlons-lip-butter-peach-parfait, and /viz/swatch-revlons-lip-butter-raspberry-pie. Pink Truffle was the first one that I bought and is still my favorite one out of the five that I have. You can check out the swatches of the shades that I have by clicking on the links provided above (the shade names).
Pro +
Availability: Now that Revlon has officially released these suckers, they are available everywhere you can buy Revlon products, from Target, Ulta, Walgreens, and CVS. Since I don`t shop at Walmart, I`m pretty sure you can find these at Walmart also but I`m not 100% sure. +
Shade Selection: Revlon has 20 different shades of these lip butters out. 20 shades for a drug store product is pretty good in my opinion! +
Consistency: I think these have a good consistency. They`re not sticky on my lips, and they`re not shiny. It reminds me of a tinted lip balm, except not that moisturizing on my lips though. +
Scent: These have a faint sweet scent to them which I don`t find offensive at all. All the shades have the same scent, despite all of them having differe yummy tasting/smelling names.
50/50 +
Pigmentation: I`ve found and read that the darker shades are much more pigmented than the lighter shades. For instance, I found that Raspberry Pie is way more pigmented than Peach Parfait. I guess you just have to be careful with which shades you want and be aware that the lighter ones are more sheer than the darker shades. +
Lasting Power: I think on average these only last a few hours, about 2-4 hours depending on what you are doing. If you`re eating, drinking, and talking a lot, the color will fade quicker than when you`re just sitting and not doing anything.
Con -
Price: One thing that sucks about these is the price of these. They range from like $6.50 to $7.50. I think these are quite expensive to buy full price, but luckily most of the stores (like target, walgreens, cvs, etc) have BOGO 50% off sales so I would suggest you stock up on these during those sales. Got comments, questions or suggestions? Leave them in the comment secttion below! *images are mine*

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