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5 years ago

Hey luuuxers

So i`ve never seen anyone rave about this product in hauls or hated or loved product. so i`m assuming that the rest of the world hasn`t got this in their range. Wow something that WE have and the States doesn`t? i`m SHOCKED.

Please let me know if you guys have had this YEARS ago and we`re only getting them in now lol.

Ok so these look DELICIOUS and smells so fruity and yummy. THEY ARE NOT YUMMY AT ALL.

They do have sparkles in them, i`ve only opened one of them which is the pink cyrstal one. They come out sheer, and i mean SHEER like NO COLOUR at all. All it does it gives it a very subtle shine, which i actually like. BUT once the product wears off a bit, which is like 30mins or so, then you start to get silver sparks all over your lips, AINT PRETTY

I love the colours that are in the pot =[ sadly it won`t go onto my lips.

A major thing that attracted me to purchase this was the packaging, i love that the lid holds that brush and the brush is pretty decent too. However, comes to hygiene, well lets say there isn`t any lol. Yes you can wash the brush, but you can exactly wash the insides of the hole, so there`s bacteria there too. You put your clean brush in there, it`ll be full of bacteria again. BUT i guess it goes the same way when you dip your finger in to apply on your lips and dip it in again... so MEH big bacteria eats small bacteria is what Asian parents say all the time lol

If by any chance you guys HAVENT had the opportunity to tried these yet, i urge you NOT to purchase these because to me, they`re really not worth it, it doesn`t help with moisturising, nor colouring.. so USELESS
-if you have seen this before
-have you used it before?
-would you try it from the looks of it.

Thanks for dropping by, all photos are mine, please don`t steal

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