Revlon Diamond Lust Review

5 years ago

Hey luuuxers! I just decided I wanted to write a little product review on the body glitter I own. It´s called Diamond Lust by Revlon, & I own it in Lavender Unleashed. It´s actually a really ah-mazing product. So I thought it would be easier to show this product in all its glowing-glory in this conveniant list. (:
a. You can apply it all over your body, there is so much. It actually looks like you have been covered in glitter! I swear, you can sparkle all the time. Plus a little goes a long way. Your skin looks really incredible.
b. It´s in the same format as you would find an eyeshadow. I don´t know if that really makes sense to any of you, but it´s not like a loose powder. It´s all pressed together, & looks like the moon was cut in half & put into this conveniant compact!
c. It glows! It´s not just glittery & purple, it´s more soft & glittery. It´s actually classy.
d. The glitter is small. So it looks like a mist kind of thing, not full-on-glitter specks.(Which is great!)

a. Like all glitter. This will be pretty much impossible to wash off. It will be all over your clothes in a matter of seconds. & you really have to scrub down hard when showering to get rid of all the glitter.
b. There aren´t really colors. The lavendar doesn´t look purple, it still looks plain & creamy. So even though they say it comes in colors, it really actually doesnt.

Hmm.. I can´t really think of anything negative about this product. It´s actually not over the top, so you can lightly brush some over your skin & have the sun reflect off of it. It´s not too much for school, & it works as an eyeshadow! (bonus!) I love this product & I would reccomend this to anyone, anytime, anywhere(:
It´s great! I rate this product a 8.9 stars out of 10!!
xx anna

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