Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation

4 years ago

I went to Walmart with my aunt and uncle who live in Fremont and decided to pick up the Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation. I`ve heard good reviews about it and the regular colorstay doesn`t work all that great with my skin so I wanted to try out this one. It was $10 and my aunt bought it for me (so for me it was technically free) and thats a lot better than the usual $14 at Walgreens. I jumped at the chance since I don`t have a Walmart near me (San Francisco).

I got the color 240 in Natural Beige. It matches pretty alright though not exactly. I feel like if I mixed 240 and 250 medium beige, it would be my shade but its not that big of a deal. Honestly my Maybelline Smooth Mousse is pretty much the same color so its alright.

This foundation claims 24 hour long coverage but hell no am I trying that out. I barely wear makeup for 12 hours so no way am I gonna try wearing it for twice as long. That`s just death to my skin ><. It comes in a glass jar which is a bit inconvenient if you ask me since its not travel-friendly. The glass jar also makes it hard to pick what color to get because honestly, the colors looks all pretty much the same from the outside and you really just have to gage from names what color you would be in comparison to what you wear in other brands and foundations. Luckily for me this one matches alright.

As you can see from the pictures, it has a cover before you get to the actual product. The product is as you see, creamy. I use a flat top brush to apply it. First thing I notice, it has an icky smell. Maybe it`s just me but I noticed the same thing with the regular colorstay foundation too. No one has said anything about it so I guess it`s just me but it has a weird...scent to it. I don`t know how to describe it but just say weird...Color-wise, as said, it matches pretty alright and the coverage is medium to heavy. I just applied one layer so it was a nice medium coverage and I`m sure that if I had applied a second, it would certainly be full coverage. It applies really nicely and smoothly and you definitely have more time to blend than with the regular colorstay (for those who have used colorstay you will know what I mean). I`ve only worn it for 8 hours but it`s still staying put without touch-ups and I`ve been running around with kids so thats good.

I like the foundation. It honestly just reminds me of a creamy version of Maybelline smooth mousse but thats only in my own mind and I`m pretty sure its actually not (I just don`t wear a lot of foundation on a regular basis). Again, the smell is offputting. But again, it could just be me.

Definitely a foundation worth trying.

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