Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation

4 years ago

Finding a foundation is one of those struggles that most of us experience. Whether you want to buy from the drugstore or from the department store, it seems it is always hard to find a formulation that will agree with your skin`s chemistry as well as be a perfect color match. I thought I had found the perfect liquid foundation, for me, in Revlon Colorstay. I bought this at Target towards the end of October. I selected the version that is made for combination/oily skin, seeing as I have oily skin. I chose the color 150 Buff. This was actually an accident. I thought I chose the Ivory one. It wasn`t until I had gotten home that I realized someone placed Buff in the wrong slot. All worked out fine, though, because this ended up being a perfect color match for me. Everything seemed to be going well. The color matched me perfectly. It didn`t oxidize throughout the day. It would stay in place and not transfer onto clothing or anything else. It controlled oil, which no other foundation had been able to do. By the end of the day, my foundation looked just as nice as it did when I first put it on! I was certain this was going to be my holy grail foundation. In fact, I was so thrilled with it, that it made it into one of my favorites posts! There were some minor downsides. It had a strong paint smell to it. I had never known any other foundation to smell identical to a bucket of paint that I would slather onto the walls in my home. However, that would go away after application, so I dismissed it. This is a foundation that dries quickly. Because of this point, you have to work in sections. You can`t really dot it on and then blend. You must work section by section across the face and blend as you go. This was something that I had to get used to, but nothing that I felt was worth discontinuing use over. This foundation can look cakey if you aren`t careful. You will look like someone inexperienced with foundation, who has just discovered this bottle of liquid face mask, and slathered it 3 inches thick. Be careful! I didn`t like the way it applied with brushes. I did apply with a wet Sonia Kashuk sponge and it worked out nice, but I still felt as though I was wasting product into the sponge. I decided I preferred my fingers the most. Now for the major negative for me. I kept wearing this wonderful foundation because I was convinced it was amazing. I am someone who doesn`t wear liquid foundation every day. I don`t feel that I need to. I wear it for special occasions and on the weekends if I am testing out a look or the product, itself. Each time I would wear this foundation, the next day or two days later I would have horrible break outs. I have never had a foundation break me out in the way that this does. I am on medications that a dermatologist has given me. Even those meds couldn`t keep the breakouts at bay! Because this is a known long-wearing foundation, I took special care to be certain I removed every trace of it. I would get in the shower, moisten my face very well, apply and massage in some coconut oil (this is what I use to remove all traces of waterproof makeup too--it works wonders!), cleanse with my regular face wash. Once out of the shower, I`d use my alcohol-free astringent on a textured cotton pad to remove any traces that might have been left behind, and moisturize. That wasn`t even enough because, without fail, I`d wind up breaking out after wearing this foundation. I was so disappointed. I tried over and over, hoping I`d conclude it was something else. Ultimately, I had to return it to Target. Because I had heard that so many people have issues with Revlon foundations, I had held onto my receipt just incase... and I`m glad I did. It was an easy return. I ended up repurchasing the Olay ProX brush (which I love, but ruined a few months back when I left it in a puddle of water in a shower basket...which lead to battery erosion and destroying the inside...eek! Don`t do that!) I am sad that it didn`t work out because the positive points with this foundation had me very excited that it would be my holy grail, but I just can`t deal with the painful breakouts that it brought on. That, for me, just isn`t worth it. So, I am still on my search for something that will hold up through the day, not oxidize, not turn oily, be a good color match, not break me out, and not cost me an arm and a leg. Good luck, right?
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