Revlon Age Defying Spa Concealer quot001 Light Palequot

4 years ago

Hey everyone! Today, I was somewhat bored and Luuux wasn`t let me onto the website to comment and post. Since I couldn`t Luuux, I thought that it was time to type up a post. I had bought this eariler in the week. I went to Walgreens trying to look for the new limited edition 8 pan palettes from WnW like the Sparkle Till Morning and Drinking A Glass of Shine since I missed out on last years`s I <3 Mattes palette. I was so sad. I have been to a bunch of CVS stores and Walgreen near me house trying to hunt this collection down but no such luck. I don`t know if either they are all sold out or not in stock yet. Its so irritating. Hopefully I will be able to find them soon because I don`t think WnW will repromote these palettes again. Anyways, since I was going through the makeup aisles and having not luck with the WnW palettes, I decided to go check out the clearance section. There wasn`t anything that interested me and there wasn`t any makeup but I did happen to spot this
Revlon Age Defying Spa Concealer 001 Light Pale. I think I actually bought one a few months ago but never tried it. Hopefully I end up liking it because now I have two of them. LOL Thats when you know you have an addicting problem. You don`t even know you already bought something until you get home and go through your collection and BAM! You see an extra one hidden in the back. Eesh! I don`t know if Revlon is discontinuing these because I bought this one for $1 plus tax. Please comment below if you know if these are getting and/or are already discontinued since this is the second time that I bought this on clearance. If you would like to see a review on this, let me know and I will start using it.
QUESTIONS: Have you gotten your hands on the limited edition WnW palettes yet? Have you tried the Revlon Age Defying Spa Concealer? ==================================================================
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