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4 years ago

Hello guys,First let me say I`m sorry it`s been months since I`ve been back.I`ll go more in dept of my break in my next post if you follow me you`ll see why. I`m just going to jump right into this because it was crazy and i`m a couple weeks behind on this.

Let me start off by saying so much emotions went through me during this episode. I`m not going to lie and say the way it ending I wasn`t expecting because I was. I was on the edge of feeling excited and upset but more on that at the end. Let`s start off with Alaric trying to kill off Klaus and Klaus being the bloodline for Stefan,Damon,Katherine (I`m assuming because Katherine turned Damon and Stefan and Caroline) Caroline,and if Klaus was to be killed off well a major percentage of the people on the show would be dead as well. So, as we move forward we see last episode (elena fell and passed out in the painting room ) She wakes up in the hospital and is apparently fine. She finds out after they take her home that Elijah wants to make a deal to take Klaus`s body and because it`s his brother. Elena agrees however,by this time, Alaric finds them and lights Klaus on fire at the time we thought he was dead. Alaric tries to kill Damon basically then we flash over to Elena.

Jeremy wants to take Elena out of town and away from everything so when she falls asleep Matt takes her and she wakes up asking `where are we going` `we can`t leave,stefan and damon could die`. It turns into Matt asking Elena the ultimate question (still not as big,but heartbreaking) "Elena,Damon`s not with Stefan he`s an hour away.I can turn around and go back to Stefan or I can keep going,It`s your choice." We go over to Damon who Elena calls and says "How are you doing,etc etc.." Damon says "Where are you?"Elena pauses before saying. "I`m going home." and Damon"says,back to stefan" "No Damon,back to Caroline and Bonnie and Jeremy." I`m skipping over some of the other stuff,you can find the videos on youtube so back to the important part. Damon basically says if it was just down to me and him who would`ve gotten the goodbye? and Elena says ,I love him Damon,he came into my life in a time where I needed him and I fell for him instantly. Maybe,if I would have met you first, Damon then says Maybe. "I care about you damon,which is why I have to let you go" it gets sadder and the call soon ends.

Back to Damon Alaric basically is trying to kill him and he`s almost dead at this point when a simple yet bittersweet memory pops into his head. Damon`s laying on the ground and he hears a girl talking on the phone and goes over to her and says the famous word. "Katherine?" She looks up at him confused and looks behind her. "No,I`m Elena" He`s confused but accepts it. "Oh,I`m sorry,it`s look like someone,.I`m Damon" it`s the first time they met. Before she met Stefan,it was May 23,2009...the night Her parents car went off the bridge. Back to present time,Damon finds the will to fight from that memory and soon Alaric`s slowly dying Damon`s breaking down."no,you`re not dead,you can`t be dead."

Back to Elena Rebekah`s on the road moments before Elena got the call that Klaus`s dead which means Tyler`s dead too. Elena turns to see Rebekah on the road,She yells watch out they swerve off the same bridge her parents died on. Stefan finds out she`s gone and goes to find her,turns out,he finds her,slowly drowning with Matt,She begs for him to save Matt...and he does...and she dies.

We go towards the last 5 minutes or so..Damon`s charging into the hospital,yelling."Where is she?Where is she? Dr. Fell says. "She was in bad shape damon,I had to help her,she needed my help." Damon`s face is so hard breaking he just found out he lost the girl he needed and she`s going to be a vampire. Then we finally go to Tyler he`s `dead` at this point or so we think but I`ll hit that at the end. With Jeremy,he turns to find Alaric in his house and it`s probably the saddest moment to me so far. I loved Alaric he kept Elena and Jeremy grounded,he gave Damon a best friend and someone to talk too. Elena had a dad,basically in her life..She had no one ,really.She had Jeremy but she didn`t have a dad or a mother anymore. Jeremy`s confused as Alaric`s basically telling him Elena`s dead and he`ll look over him.

The last few moments Elena wakes up as a vampire in transition at the end and Tyler isn`t dead,Klaus is in his body and Bonnie did a body switching spell on him because if Klaus died so did,Tyler,Caroline,Damon,Stefan and so many others.

Let`s just say,next season is going to be very interesting because now that Elena will be a vampire nobody will have to worry about saving her and she`ll remember all the things people compelled her to forget, 2x08 Rose? Damon`s selfless confession to Elena and The time he met her,He compelled her to forget (sorry forgot to put that in)
This is my little review on that episode so excited for the show to come back in October.My last question for you loves is are you team Delena or are you team Stelena and why?

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