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4 years ago

A month ago I bought a 16GB 3G Apple iPhone. This is my first iPhone, and my first smartphone. I was tempted by the original iPhone and iPhone 3G but has been placed by some key omissions, such as the lack of MMS, and voice dialing.
The iPhone is impeccably presented in a surprisingly small box, well designed. The contents include the iPhone, a wired headset with microphone, a short USB cable and a charger loading. The guide numbers that seem to come with all the other phones on the market is strikingly absent, there is only a Quick Start booklet concisely. As always with an Apple product, everything is carefully designed to the same high standards. The charger is very discreet and no longer taking a standard 13 amp cable is incredibly small USB connectors at each end, and the white headphone cables strange mark resistant. This attention to detail is done in hardware and software design.

Externally, the device looks identical to the iPhone 3G. Apparently, the only significant change is that the 3G has a hidden waterproof coating of oil on the screen. I was skeptical, but was amazed to discover it works incredibly well. Fingerprints and traces are still hoping for the screen, but a simple sleeve friction to completely remove all (the only exception. The design of the handset is fantastic, with the screen where most of the front, a polished metal rim and a plastic back. The size is small on the large side to meet the Monster screen, but the design of the tapered tip, it is very comfortable to hold and use. The phone is really well put together, without cracks and squeaks. its infancy, but I suspect that the handset is highly durable. The screen is well protected with high quality optical glass that has yet to get even a single scratch. This is the opposite of my experience with screens cheap plastic used on my previous phones.

As good as he is, looks and design of the iPhone handset pale in comparison to the nearby beautiful software. There are many good search feature rich phones these days, what separates the iPhone is not the hardware, software, sound. There is one good reason why there is no manual of instruction in the area, things just is not necessary. From the moment you first turn on (it can be used directly on the box it comes as charged), all features are available for an iPhone using the intuitive touch controls. Gestures, such as valves, sliding and pinching two fingers to make the selection, scrolling, selection and zoom, etc. to access all functions of the peripheral as possible. Not everyone likes the touch screen keyboard, but I found it easier to type on, especially in landscape mode. In case of doubt should at least try

Its very easy to set up the iPhone, with most easily accessible facility in the institutions programs, there is a general lack of deeply nested menus are heavy, acronyms and jargon that seem to be in standard form on the parameters of most other phones. junkies ringtone will be a bit disappointed about the poor selection as a prerequisite. They are all excellent, its just that there really are not that many of them.
The following pre-installed Apple software is comprehensive and well presented. Stand-outs for me are the cards and applications Safari, Mail, but the iPod and voice memos are too large. However, the 3rd party applications available from Apple App Store, which is the major point of discussion. The quality of many titles is incredible, and often at ridiculously low prices, and even in many cases free.

With the iPhone offers, so it would be simpler to forget its primary function as a phone. In this respect, are better than any other phone that Ive ever used. Call quality is good, the contacts are easy to find and call the phone offers multiple phone books work easily separated and household contacts. Heard of the iPhone features the phone is not very big, but to be honest is all very polite and I can not find something missing.
New features are impressive voice. Simply hold the home button for a few seconds to say: The appeal of John. John has more than one number, one voice asks which of them you want to call, you may say mobile, for example. Voice commands can also music, saying: U2 play begins playing songs from U2. The accuracy is good but not flawless. Voice Command with a Bluetooth headset, missing in the iPhone 3.0 software that comes with the camera, the new provision was added just happy and free iPhone software 3.1.

The iPhone 3G comes with the iPhone OS 3.0 installed. It adds many features (such as cut and paste, MMS, system-wide search, and voice memos) to the old iPhone 2.0 OS. What is particularly impressive is that this new software is available free to all iPhones (including 2 years old original), and not just the 3GS. This means that the iPhone will do best over time. Version 3.1 has just released a bunch of new features including Bluetooth headset voice adds controls above. How many phones are now in charge?
The S stands for 3G speeds. In other words, the iPhone 3G is incredibly fast. All applications submitted directly to start. Even most games only a few seconds before launch. Apple do not bother with the processor speed and RAM figures tend to be little or no real-world performance targets, but said that its 2x faster than the old iPhone 3G. It makes everything feel indeed very susceptible. From what I understand, the graphics even faster, more like 4 times that of 3G, which are particularly useful for 3D games.

The 3G has a 3MP autofocus camera that takes good sharp pictures, and movies very well. Other phones have much higher specs than that, but the image quality is generally not better. In a mobile phone, while well above the usual really increse the 3MP image as the image sensor and lens are too small. Indeed, there is good reason for the photos taken on a SLR still better than those on a compact. It is a work of one click images to send via MMS, email or by downloading the video on YouTube. Personally, I prefer the combined use of a hardware button to take photos, and you have that you click on the object on the screen that provide the focus and exposure are correct.
The process of syncing with my Apple MacBook is transparent. It took a few minutes to make an exact copy of my Mac to the iPhone receives. In my case, all his contacts, music playlists for many, many TV shows, and my most recent photo albums 10. After that everything just works, you plug in and everything is automatically synchronized. Each time you synchronize a backup of your iPhone, including all settings, contacts, applications, etc., is stored on your computer automatically. This can be used to configure a new iPhone if yours is lost, stolen or crushed (next year) Update. It can also be used to reset your iPhone if something goes awry. No more lost numbers if your phone is left!

Battery life is a bit of a mixture to be honest, and is by far the weakest aspect of the overall product. When you use a normal mobile phone, making and receiving calls a few days, sending a few texts and a few minutes surfing the Internet via Wi-Fi, then the battery probably last 3 or 4 days. The problem is that you want to do much more than that, though he is versatile and capable. The reality is that with heavy use, especially with all the 3G access or use the GPS, will likely one day to use, use a bit more moderate in giving you a few days. Play music or movies gives an impressive 30 and 10 hours respectively. If you use GPS applications, you can fight for more than just a few hours. Overall, I think these figures are acceptable, despite an improvement would be welcome. Instead of saying that I have a second USB cable to charge your phone at work and bought a cheap car charger and external battery purchase in the future
The iPhone will cost me £ 440 on O2 pay-as-you-go. If you look at the iPhone as a single purchase of mobile phone while seriously steep. However, if you think you are really a handheld, iPod Video Now, console-quality phone in a box, then it starts to seem much more reasonable price. Then, when you factor in the 12 months free 3G internet at a bar that O2 normally costs £ 10 a month, things are starting to look quite reasonable. You can be assured that this time next year the value of sales on eBay will be very strong indeed, something you may not be able to tell what most other mobile phones on the market. IPhone 3G former is always available for £ 100 less, or iPhone 3G 32GB for £ 100 more. I do not really need the extra speed 3G 32GB storage, and additional storage and features of the 3G 16GB 3G Original easily worth the extra 100.

Apple has really press the bulls-eye with the iPhone 3G. to compare with my old Nokia and SE phones is like comparing an Audi A4 with a horse and cart, is a revolution and then some. It is a versatile and powerful, but very easy and intuitive to use. The price is high but the price / quality ratio is excellent. Software and hardware are very similar polished and attention to detail is evident everywhere you look. Battery life is a bit disappointing, but his only major weakness I found. 3G is a product to life, but really just the hype.

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