REVIEW:Maybellin Volum` Express The Falsies Black Drama Waterproof Mascara

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Patented Spoon Brush reaches lashes from corner-to-corner, while Black Drama formula fills in every gap
Matte black lashes from corner-to-corner
300 more visible lashes, corner-to-corner
No gaps from any angle
Contact lens safe and ophthalmologist-tested
Waterproof, also available in Washable formula

How to Use
Hold brush with spoon side upwards against lashes and sweep from root to tip to fill in gaps and coat lash with Kera-Fiber formula. Repeat until false lash look is achieved. Do not let dry between coats. Removes easily with soap and water [].


Maybelline Volum Express The Falsies Black Drama Waterproof Mascara ($5.99 0.28 fl. oz. 8.5ml) is described as an extreme matte black. Maybelline claims that the mascara reaches lashes from corner-to-corner [][and] fills in every gap which I completely agree with.
The dry formula adheres to my stubborn, short, Asian lashes better than most mascaras Ive tried. The waterproof version is best at holding my curl for a few hours, and then they start to droop a bit. But considering how stubborn Asian lashes can be, its quite impressive.

My preference to wearing this mascara is to curl my lashes with my shu uemura eyelash curler and apply a generous but light handed coat of the mascara. This is to ensure that the product is evenly applied to each lash while separating for the full effect. Although they advise to not let the mascara dry, I find it most beneficial to let it dry for a few seconds so the layer can be built and create some volume without completely over clumping each lash.

The downside to using this mascara is removing it off your lashes. No matter how long you soak your lashes in eye makeup remover, there is always residue left over. To fully remove all traces of the mascara, youd have to roll your fingers over the lashes to somehow roll it off. I highly advise to take your time and be gentle when doing this step because Ive had lashes fall off from vigorous rolling. All in all, the Volum Express The Falsies Waterproof Mascara is an excellent choice not only for the value, but for how well the mascara can perform.


Applies evenly
Coats every lash
Holds curl
Doesn`t flake or smear
Defines and separates
Doesn`t clump


Hard to remove
Doesn`t volumize

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