Review:10hr Stain Gloss by Maybelline

5 years ago

Hey Gals! I`m so excited to review for you guys one of my favorite products of the moment.
The <strong>Maybelline SuperStay 10hr Stain Gloss</strong>
The first 10HR Stain Gloss:
Vibrant and shiny wear; never flat
Feels fresh all day, never dry.
Glides on wet and smooth, never drags
Shine enhancing formula provides a lightweight layer of lasting color
10 long-lasting shades
<strong>My thoughts:</strong>
As you can tell from the first sentence this is one of my current faves! I love lip color, but finding one that stays is a bit hard. I saw this stain gloss at CVS I had to try it with the 10hr wear claim, and it`s a new lip stain concept. 1st off, that color on the cap does not match whatever is inside so that was a bit tough to pick the right color. I suggest looking at swatches before buying. This is possibly one of the best lip stains I`ve tried from a drugstore. Other ones comes in the pen form that dries out very quickly! This one can last up to 24 months without drying out! (or so it claims we`ll see). Also other lipstains tend to dry out the lips this one does not really dry out your lips at all. The formula is wonderful! It`s not thick or nasty, or even sticky at all! It smells great too! Like berries! I got mine in #120 Berry Heavenly. As far as the "gloss" part goes, this adds a bit of shine but not the glossy look that you would expect at all. That doesn`t last too long, before you`re left with just color and no gloss. What I love about this particular product is the oval wand! It is the best thing ever! It`s so easy to percisely get around the contours of your lips without the product staining anywhere else but your lips. I wish that all lip gloss comes with this want its a great wand! Once you take the wand out of the tube that is all you`re going to need no more re-dipping to get products 5 times! The staying power on this is of course NOT 10 hrs. I usually get a good 6 1/2 hour wear out of this lip stain before it slowly fades off which is pretty good after all the eating and talking and drinking. At first this product can look a bit too dark and bright but once applied to the lips it is gorgeous! I especially like this Berry Heavenly color I picked up it`s a brightish pink but not like in your face hot pink its a nice wearable pink for everyday. I get compliments from everyone asking me what lip color I`m wearing all the time. I wear this EVERY DAY! It feels great on my lips, and it lasts a decent amount of time. There`s a way I found thats best to apply this considering it can be a tad bit weird if you have dried lips like mine it would look bad if not applied properly.
<strong> How I apply:</strong>
1. Apply lipbalm/ chapstick. I use Nivea A Kiss of Moisture lipbalm.
2. Do not swipe on the stain. Dot it on your lips then use a clean finger and pat it in around your lips. IF you swipe it on it looks really bad!
*I usually like to apply my revlon lipbutter in Cupcake under this before applying it creates a beautiful shade of pink*
<strong>Bottom Line:</strong>
I`d recommend this if you`re looking for a lip stain that`s inexpensive. It retails for about $6-10 depending on where you get it. IT lasts quite a long time, it feels great and light weight. I will repurchase this and buy it in more colors! I love this stuff! I totally recommend checking it out.
**my camera is really bad so, the pics on my lips aren`t really close but my swatch on my hand is pretty much the actual color**

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