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5 years ago

My makeup collection has slowly grown over the years, and just recently have i been aware that i may have a little too much then i originally thought i did. I keep my eyeshadows and eyeshadow palettes in a plastic 3 tier clear drawer that i picked up from walmart a few years back..recently i was doing some cleaning and threw a bunch of old makeup or stuff i never use away. In the process of doing so i became really frustrated with how unorganized and crammed the eyeshadows were inside of the drawers.
I had heard of Z Palette in the past but it was never something i really thought i needed or even really wanted. Well, after my organizing fiasco i researched Z palette and watched videos on the palettes and finally decided that i needed one!
The palette i chose is the large Zebra Palette which retails for $20. I got mine for $18 by using a promo code from The palettes come in a range of different colors and patterns such as Pink, Zebra, Black, Red, & Leopard. You can also buy smaller Z palettes that are $14.
The Z Palette is sleek sturdy and displays your eyeshadows nicely through the clear top "window". Z Palette uses eco-friendly recyclable materials that claim to not crack or break and have the sturdyness of plastic.
How the palette works is that the bottom is completley, in order to get your eyeshadows to stay you do have to depot them. I`ve never depotted eyeshadows before so for me it was a bit of a challenge. When you get the package in the mail it comes with instructions on different ways to depot, the method i decided on was using a straightner.
Before using the straightner i tried to depot 2 of the eyeshadows just to see how easily they popped out-not a good idea. I broke both eyeshadows and made a huge mess. No big loss though since both of the eyeshadows were from elf so im not out alot of money. I learned my lesson to stick to the straighter method though.
How i depotted the shadows:
First i took an old straightner that i dont use anymore. I turned it on and left it on for about 10 minutes..then i took the eyeshadows that were still in the pots/palettes and put them right on the straighters hot plate. Left it on there for roughly a minute and took a small knife and popped the shadow right out. One annoyance from doing this that i came into contact with was the nasty old and exremely sticky melty glue on the botton of each eyeshadow pan, i used acetone to clean off the glue but you can use rubbing alcohol as well.
Most of the pans the eyeshadows are in are magnetic metal while some of them like the Elf and Wet N Wild Eyeshadows are not so Z palette provides a generous amount of metal sticks which i found to be very helpful.

Overall im 100% satisfied with my Z palette. It gave me so much more space in my makeup drawers and displays my eyeshadows beautifully.

Do you have a Z palette? Would you consider buying one?
Thanks for reading!
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