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Hi Everyone! I`m finally back with another review :)

Well as you may or may not already know, but I`ve actually already reviewed this particular lipstick earlier this year but over the past months my views and thoughts have actually changed! In my first post I actually had a couple of negative things to say but this time round, ALL POSITIVE! I`ve learnt to actually make it work, so stay tuned if you`re interested!

With this beautiful shade of barbie pink, it may seem quite daunting to rock but don`t be afraid because I have a solution for you! At first, I actually found it too light of a pink shade to work with my skin tone which made me stay clear from using it but not too long ago I figured a way which makes it work perfectly. What is this secret you ask? Well it`s actually quite simple....ombre lips :D

YES that`s right! Ombre lips makes this shade work perfectly and since it`s kind of trendy, why not?

I like to wear this all over the lip and just along the openings of the lips I like to use a pop of bright pink. And if you`re wondering which particular lipstick I use for`s the Revlon Lip Butter in the shade `Sweet Tart`. I`ll be doing a review for lip butters at a later date so just follow me and wait for it! But yeah, wearing the `Pink Lingerie` shade alone it quite too much but with a few dabs of a brighter pink along the centre of the opening of your lips is enough to make the perfect lippy. The blend of two different shades makes it appear to be less bold and more of a natural look. It`s actually quite flattering and I believe can be a trend for any skin tone.

With the issue of this formula being a bit drying, I find that if you use a lip balm earlier and before applying the lipstick you use a lip liner, it does wonders! When using a lip liner all over your lips, there is a coat covering everything so it actually makes the entire lip look smoother and finer.

I really enjoy using this lip stick although I may not have loved it as much in the very beginning. If you ever come across a lip stick with a shade that seems impossible to work with, don`t give up and keep playing around with it until you make it work :)

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