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Today I give you a review of a product, I recently decided to start a project 10 pan. This project, as many may know, consists of 10 finished products (makeup, hair, beauty, etc..) Before you can buy more. However, you can buy essentials such as mascara, foundation, but only if essential. The first product I`ve done is the Super-Lightening Whitening Booster Pen.

Here`s how the package that this

Here the brush she really looks like the Stila lipgloss

What the company says about this product ...
According to the company the product is assumed freshen breath, kill bacteria in the mouth and restore teeth to their natural white. Furthermore the product is assumed:
whiten teeth from July to October colors in 14 days
Function in sleep
Do not have an unpleasant taste
No sensory
1) Dry teeth
2) Apply a small amount of gel
3) Smile for 60 sec. to allow the product to dry

Packaging and price:
The product costs $ 79.00 (U.S.). When I bought it was $ 50.00 (U.S.), but I had a coupon and I got it at $ 29.00 (U.S.) + shipping fees which was $ 9.50. This product has often discount coupons, then I advise you not to buy at full price.

As for the packaging it is easy to use. Indeed, simply rotate the pencil and the product comes out easily.

What I think of this product ...
Before using this product I had used the Crest whitestrips which had worked brilliantly. So I bought this product in order to maintain the shutout. I applied the product in the morning. After applying this product, my teeth were much whiter. I would not say that the difference was drastic, but it was visible. However, long-term product has not whitened my teeth. although I used it every day, my teeth have remained the same color as before. The product was Agit as temporary bleacher.

With appeal to the taste, it is not bad, but it`s not the best there is. Indeed, the taste is comparable to that of a toothpaste with mint. Also, I do not think the product using the breath freshening.

Also, I found that we were not many products in the package. Indeed, I could use the product every day for about 1 1/2 months which is very little compared to the high price of the product.

As the liquid is transparent and thus leaves no residue on the teeth and so it is very pleasant to use in this sense.

So ...

taste not so bad
temporarily whitens
does not whiten the teeth in the long term
not cool breath
not many product
price rises
Is it a product to buy ...
If you find a teeth whitening for a special occasion, I strongly suggest you this product. Indeed, it does a miracle for proms, a photo shoot, the holidays, etc.. I`ll probably buy it back for that, but not for money long term. I much prefer the Crest strips for that. However, I`ll wait a coupon especially with the price increase. Also, the company has recently released a product like the ZERO White Whitening pen that would be interesting to test.

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