Review: Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes in Fresh Scent

This is my new must have in my purse and car staple item - Wet Ones Antibacterial Hand Wipes, this resealable pack has 20 wipes for $1.29 plus tax at Target. These wipes claim to clean better than hand sanitizers, hypoallergenic and kills 99.99% of germs.

Why do I love these wipes?
- Including tax these wipes are only 7 cents per wipe which is a great price/affordable for healthy / good hygiene when you don`t have access to running water and soap to wash your hands
- I`ve had a pack of these wipes in my boyfriend`s car for over a month and the wipes didn`t dry out. That is a huge plus because other wipes I`ve tried dried up. Note: His car is black on black, his car gets hot and his car parks outside in the sun most of the time so I`m surprised these wipes didn`t dry out!
- Slim and resealable packaging, doesn`t take up much room in your bag/backpack/purse
- I have allergies and it`s nice to know these wipes are hypoallergenic

Overall: These wipes are more practical to carry around because when you`re dining out at a restaurant you`re not going to get out your hand sanitizer and sanitized the table - it`s easier to get a wipe and wipe down the table. These are convenient wipes to carry on the go and I highly recommend them.

Are you a fan of Wet Ones? Do you like any other brands?

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