Review: Wella Colour Fresh in 519

4 years ago

There really isnt a lot of reviews on this product! Anyway I got this from Sallys for about 11 pounds. I got this in the colour 5/19 ( I did do research about different colours you should choose and here is my shortened version of it ) in the silver line. Buying this I did think that this was just the English version of silver lady and I herd a lot about that product, so I was expecting great things for this product. I was wrong. This is a very different product other than they both tone your hair. This comes with 75ml and it is an already made product, so you do not need to add peroxide to it. You apply straight from the tip of the cap( like box dyes). But I did find that pouring it into a bowl and using a tinting brush makes this product go a lot longer. The instructions does tell you to shampoo and towel dry your hair you really should. I found that this product went an incredibally long way when it did. My hair is nearly up to my waist and this covered my hair in half a bottle ( but I dont really have thick hair and it has been feathered.) So after I applied itI left it for half an hour and washed it out. Oh and this product does come with gloves and instructions so dont worry. This turned my hair to a medium light brown to almost a dark brown. It made my hair dark, ashyer on the top layer of my hair, but never really went into the hair shaft,so under the light you can still see the orangy red. The bits which were highlighted turned green and you couldnt really see them. At first I hated this product, but as it faded it did leave my hair a more light ashy colour, but it still wasnt where I wanted it. Having said that, you do have to remember that this is a TRUE SEMI PERMENANT hair colour. This fades very fast,evey wash hair colour will be runny and you can never really run it clean. This lasts for about 6-8 washes ( around 2-3 weeks) and then it will almost completely fade. I did find that my bottom ends still has this more ashy colour to it, as it did not hit directly with the shampoo. My roots and top bit of my hair however,so fade very fast and now I have touched up the top layer and left it on for 15 mins. And another thing is that,this did blend in the two colours of my hair,so that was a good thing. So although I do like this, it can turn your hair very dark and this fades very quickly. I cant say it is a bad or a good product,so it does do its job, but it just depends on what you want.

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