Review: Walgreens Alpha Hydroxy Face Cream

4 years ago

The product I`ll be reviewing is the
Walgreens Alpha Hydroxy Face Cream.
PRODUCT CLAIMS: A fragrance free skin treatment and exfoliator to help gently restore a fresh, healthy and more youthful appearance Alpha hydroxy acid removes dead skin cells, assists skin tone and skin texture. 8% AHA of 70% solution.
PRICE: Around $8 for 4 OZ (113 g)
PACKAGING: The product is in a white tub with a black twist-off cap and red/white print. I have read that the packaging may have been changed and that it is no longer the Walgreens brand but is called Studio 35 Beauty Alpha Hydroxy Face Cream. The tub packaging is not sanitary at all but I just use clean fingers.
REVIEW: I break out quite often and so products that contain AHA are a life saver for me! AHA acts as a chemical exfoliator for the skin so it really helps smooth out your skin, even the tone and texture, and shed off the dead skin cell layers to renew the skin. Because it does exfoliate the dead layers of your skin, it makes the acne products that I apply to my skin after a lot more effective. A holy grail product of mine that I previously blogged about is the /viz/review-c-booth-derma-m-36-glycolic-acid-skin-resurfacing-lotion with 10% AHA and I use that as a toner prior to applying this Walgreens AHA cream before I go to bed. Since my skin does break out pretty badly at times, I can really tell a difference when a product has worked for my skin and when it hasn`t. This Walgreens AHA cream has really helped in making my skin smooth and even and also helps keep my skin clear. I think this cream is emollient enough if you want to use it on its own, but on days when my skin is feeling really dry from the acne treatments, I`ll layer another moisturizer on top! Two things to note is that the Walgreens AHA cream smells like Elmer`s Glue... straight up! The other is that there might be a slight stinging sensation but it will go away. My skin has gotten used to it so it doesn`t bother me, but I never thought that it was that bad to begin with.
OVERALL, I do recommend the Walgreens Alpha Hydroxy Face Cream. If you have uneven skin tone and texture, clogged pores, dull-looking skin, and acne... I think you should definitely incorporate some products with Alpha Hydroxy into your regimen! I`m almost out of this tub, which has lasted me for such a long time... But I will definitely be repurchasing :))

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