Review: Virgin Olive (montagne Juenesse)

4 years ago

I am one of the lucky few to be able to try/review facemasks for Montagne Jeunesse before they are available to the public. Today I got the chance to review the Virgin Olive Facemask.
I was quite worried about this face mask because it has olive oil in it and my skin is quite oily anyway but I was willing to give it ago anyway. I was also worried about the smell because alot of people say they cant smell anything when smelling olive oil but I can and it STINKS!!!!! I also hate the feeling of olive oil and no matter how much you try to wash it off, it seams to stay there so I wasn`t looking forward to trying it
I think this product smells DEVINE. It doesn`t smell of olive oil at all, it actually smells exactly like a perfume I have called `Insolence`. Its a mint green colour. It doesn`t ave an olive oil texture to it either. It`s just like the other from this brand, very creamy. It`s cool feeling on your skin. A problem I do find with it, while its drying, is does slightly crumble off and sticks to your clothes.
It hasn`t left my skin oily. It has left it really moisturized and soft. It has done exactly whit it said it would do on the packet. It doesn`t say that is should, but it left my skin really firm and I think it would be good for the older generation to tighten any wrinkles. When they come out in the sops, I am going to try it on my mum to see if it does work on tightening wrinkles. This is my favourite face ask by Montagne Jeunesse and actually my favourite of all time by any brand.
All face masks by Montagne Juenesse is 99p so keep checking your local supplier to see when this comes out. I definitely recommend it.
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