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5 years ago

I finally had a chance to get around to using the Venus & Olay razor and I wanted to share my review on it. The Venus & Olay razor is a 5-blade razor, which yields refillable shaving heads. The one cool thing about this product is there is absolutely no need for shaving cream with this razor as its got a built in shaving system on the head. Each side has a moisture bar which acts as a shaving cream would, but also makes your skin moisturized and soft after your shave. It also drastically cuts down on the shaving time as there is no need to reach for shaving creams, etc. Just wet the razor head and whatever portion of your body you happen to be shaving and off you go. The 5-blades provide a close, precise, yet comfortable shave. The moisturizing part of the razor has a nice scent to it its almost a vanilla scent. I do want to note that when you purchase the original kit, it comes with a razor handle, a razor head and a shower hook for easy storage in the shower. The starter kit retails for around $8.99. (depending on your retailer) Disposable razor heads are also available as refills in 3-packs, which typically retail for around $14.99 (depending on your retailer). If you would like to see more information on the product you can do so at the companies`>website
According to Gillette the 5-blade razor allows you a close shave and it adjusts to womens curves particularly in the tricky areas Check! The Olay moisture bar contains skin-enhancing elements that are found in Olay products where no separate shaving cream is required Check! The razor has a pivoting head to hug curves and dips in individuals bodies and also has a handle for comfortable handling Check! I have sensitive skin, primarily under my arms my legs arent overly sensitive but this did cut my shaving time in less than half. I was able to shave both my legs and underarms in the shower before the water ran cold (and usually when shaving I have to pick 2 days one day for legs, the other for underarms or Im screeching that its freezing!). I shaved my legs in a breeze and immediately felt how soft they were and thankfully that softness continued even out of the shower. I dislike when I shave my legs and theyre nice and smooth and after toweling dry and going to get dressed, my legs are not as soft as I would like them to be. The head on the razor molds and conforms to your body, so it made shaving my underarms a breeze. Generally my underarms are super sensitive and hurt a bit while shaving, but I had no such issue. Also thanks to the 5-blades one swipe down in each section and all the hair was gone! Will I be repurchasing this? Without a doubt! I just purchased about a month ago a 10-pack of Bella disposable razors, but I will be picking up a pack of refillable heads for this since I did truly enjoy the shaving experience and the ease of use.
QUESTIONS: Have you tried the new Venus & Olay razor? What is your favorite razor to use when shaving?
Disclaimer: I received this product free as part of the Influenster program in the Love VoxBox. Just because this product was free does not alter my opinions or thoughts as those are my own. Images are mine do not take or use. Thank you. health beauty

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