Review: Veet Ready to Use Wax Strips

I will warn you ahead of time, you will see my hairy leg in this post LOL I received a box of the Veet wax strips in my Latina Beauty voxbox from Influenster. as I might have mentioned before, the first image that came to mind was that episode from Friends when Monica and Phoebe decide to wax their legs ... yeah, PAIN ! I am not a particularly hairy person so it took two weeks, oh yes, two weeks of no shaving in order to get my leg to look the way it does below, brace yourselves !!!!

ok, first of all, this was a full size box, 40 full size and double sided wax strips, 6 wipes and the instructions, which are take a strip in between your hands and rub in order to warm the wax. ok, done ! peel open the wax strip and apply it onto your leg (in this case) and rub in the direction of the hair. then pull the strip off against the hair in one swift movement.

it works, but you know, might have been user error here. although I did as instructed, and yes, it hurt but not too much, I ended up with some wax on my leg and some hair remained, which means I had to go back and try again. once that`s done, the wipes come into play, one wipe is bigger than my hand, it doesn`t feel wet or damp but rather oily, VERY oily.

n theory you`re supposed to rub this all over the waxed areas to remove any leftover wax and to soothe the skin I guess since they contain more than a few oils. what gets me is, 40 double sided wax trips so ok, it`s actually 80 and only 6 wipes? that math is a little screwy, no I`m not expecting an equal amount of each but 6 just seems .... off.

anyways, you can`t really use the wax strips more than twice, in reality just once if you`re fairly hairy, hurts as much as any waxing does, you end up with residue on your skin if you don`t rub the strip over the area extremely well, it takes more than going over it once or twice. it`s safe to assume that with practice the process of doing both legs wouldn`t take very long. I can definitely tell the difference between the waxed area and the shaved one, the skin where I used Veet is beyond smooth, one of the claims is that it will remain smooth for up to 28 days - I am putting that to the test ladies !!! I had no allergic reactions, my skin didn`t do strange things, so I`d say this product isn`t bad at all. I`ll let you know in a couple of weeks if I`d recommend it or not !

DISCLAIMER: I received this product complimentary to test through the Influenster program for review

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