Review: Unreal Candy

today I`m going to review for you guys the Unreal Candy line. the whole concept behind this brand is that you can have chocolate without all the "junk", aka hydrogenated oils, preservatives, corn syrup, artificial colors, and flavors. kinda makes you wonder - if they took out all of that, what`s left ? well, candy that`s slightly better for you !

there are 5 Unreal candies available right now and oh yeah, you bet I had to pick up all of them, how else can I tell you guys which ones are good and which ones are not?

these are Unreal #41 - candy coated chocolates. yes, the colors are dull, I`m not going to lie BUT there`s a reason for that, no artificial dyes !!! they`re derived from things such as beets and cabbage and turmeric root. since they do not have any artificial flavors, these are a little more tarte than those others ones (you know which ones right?)

Unreal #77 - chocolate covered peanut butter cups. I was never a fun of this kind anyways but you know, not bad! they taste just as the other ones do but again, none of the bad stuf

Unreal #54 - chocolate covered peanuts, again, much like Unreal #41 these are a touch tart but sweet, the peanuts are good too

Unreal #5 - chocolate covered nougat bar - this was my least favorite of the 5. to be honest, it tastes just the same however, I sensed a little bit of a grainy texture, not smooth and decadent so I took one bite and yeah, that was enough for me

Unreal #8 - chocolate caramel peanut nougat bar - I liked this one a lot too, it`s a good flavor, not grainy like the other one

now I could go into full nutritional detail about how many calories in each one, where do the ingredients come from, what each ingredient is and yeah, all that - however, the bottom line is, a candy bar with over 200 calories per package is a candy bar with over 200 calories. if you are looking for something healthy that`s sweet and has no artificial anything, eat an organic fruit. are these any better than their counterparts that contain the junk? well, maybe, I do like that it doesn`t have any of those things and I probably won`t feel so bad when I eat these lol I think they`re worth a try, they`re not terribly expensive, so yeah, I think they`re good !

*disclaimer - I received coupons to try this product for free from Bzzagent *

*pics & content are mine, do not steal*

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