(REVIEW) uBeat - I Should Have Treated You Better

3 years ago

With the latest release of U-Kiss`s sub-unit, uBeat, I decided to take a chance and get their album. I listened to all of the songs and would like to present you with a review of what I thought about the album itself.

Let me inform you with something really quickly: I`m not actually a fan of U-Kiss, and I actually have never really listened to them. I`m really only familiar with Kevin thanks to an episode of Starking where he was part of the program where the guests had to figure out the real genders of certain people. Kevin was on it and he played as "Jessica" from San Francisco, CA. Other then that, I don`t know much about the other members...

Now onto the actual review....

I found the songs to be quite catchy and easy on the ears. However, when I first heard the song, Intro, I swear it was Teen Top. It sounded so much like CAP and Niel that I just couldn`t bring myself to think that this was U-Kiss. I have listened to one of their songs once, but that was a long time ago. I have barely any reconciliation of their song that I actually listened to. But despite the slight confusion, I actually found myself drawn into their sub-units voices and songs. I personally like the title song, I Should Have Treated You Better, and remix version. All of the other songs were pretty good themselves, but those were the two songs that stuck out to me the rest.

Overall, I found this album to be pretty interesting and it made me want to go out and listen to U-Kiss even more now. The only downside I have about this album was that it reminded me of Teen Top. Now don`t hate me for saying that, but it`s just two of their vocals remind me of two vocals in Teen Top. But then again, a lot of K-Pop singers sound similar in some way but are also different in some way.

I`d give this album a 4.5 out of 5 and would definitely recommend it to my other K-Pop loving friends. Hope you give uBeat`s album a chance! It`d definitely worth it.

What`s your thoughts on the album?

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