Review: Truvia Natural Sweetener

5 years ago

I received a sample box of Truvia natural sweetener (see`>Truvia Website here)and I admit I was looking forward to trying it. The reason for that is because its supposed to be a healthier alternative to artificial sweeteners. According to Truvias website their product is a natural sweetener has zero calories and is made from the best tasting part of the stevia leaf to sweeten your coffee, tea or baked goods. For YEARS I was a real sugar drinker in my coffee and iced coffees. And by real sugar drinker, I mean depending on where Id go, Id get extra sugar (yes I know horrible!). About 6 years ago I slowly converted to Splenda and have been using it since I go back and fourth between Equal and Splenda. I have tried raw cane sugar, I still occasionally use real sugar in coffee if I am out and thats all there is (but these days I can get away with 1 teaspoon). I absolutely despise Sweet n Low, its repulsive. Okay, so I finally got around to using Truvia and Ive used it in my tea and also in my coffee and my final verdict is I do NOT like this sweetener in the least bit. I put one in my tea last night and my tea had this weird taste to it. I tried drinking it and just couldnt so I had to dump it down the drain. Then today, after I finally pulled myself out of bed I made a pot of coffee, put some truvia in my mug, put in my coffee when it was brewed, and then my skim milk, tasted it and it didnt taste like I had put ANY sweetener in it, all I could taste was coffee, with this funky flavor in the background. Now I have a big mug of coffee in the morning and I always put 2 splendas in it I put THREE truvias in this and you could faintly taste sweetness, but the weird taste lingering in there overpowers it. Sorry Truvia Ill be sticking to my Splenda where I get my sweetness and I dont get this weird taste that ruins my cup of joe in the morning.
I received this sample for free from Influenster in my Love VoxBox even though I did not pay for this item, that does not change my views and opinions as these are my own. Images are mine do not take or use. Thank you.

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