Review: True Blue Spa Shea Cashmere Body Cream from Bath amp Body Works

So, for my very first post I decided to share with you all one of my favorite products of all time that I happened to come by in a most unexpected way.About two years ago I had a roommate that moved out of state. In an attempt to make space she decided to leave quite a few of her bath and body products with yours truly. Being a scent junkie, I was overjoyed!

While most of this stuff turned out to be significantly less than awesome, I did find one gem. It was a 4.5 oz. tube of True Blue Spa Shea Cashmere Foot Cream with a $15.00 price tag and I used the hell out of it! I mean I moisturized every stinkin part of my body with this stuff and it lasted me the better part of a year. It had a perfect smooth buttery creamy texture. It managed to completely soften dry cracking hands and rough heels and elbows in one, JUST ONE, application. You`re not going to believe this one - even though it it was super duper moisturizing and repaired crazy dry skin, within a few minutes of putting it on, it was absorbed into my skin with NO greasy feeling. My skin felt deeply and fabulously hydrated with absolutely no residue and it had staying power. I would only apply every few days. Couldn`t get enough of this stuff, but then, I ran out.

Here we are a year later, which is actually about 10 months ago by now, and I`m standing in ye olde local mall staring in disbelief at the True Blue Spa section. They have Shea Cashmere cream for hands, Shea Cashmere cream for the body, Shea Cashmere crap for your hair, everything but my friggin foot cream. So as I stand there thinking to myself that Bath & Body Works is now enemy number one, the sales associate comes up and tries her little heart out to get me to try the hand cream. I try the hand cream and no dice. It SMELLS the same, but this is NOT the awesome in a bottle to which I had become accustomed. Soooooo, the only thing left to try is the body cream and try I did.

So story all told I shall now share with you the ACTUAL review. Yeah, it`s about time. I know. Ok, so the pictures you`re looking at are of my 7 oz. tub of the body cream. Cost me $17.50 in store. It`s 100% WORTH IT!

How it FEELS: Very creamy texture, not too thick or greasy, not too watery. Leaves skin feeling silky and moisturized. I have to take a moment to explain what I mean by this because this is the first time my skin has felt like this from using a product. When I say moisturized, I mean my skin feels almost plumped once it`s absorbed which takes10-15 minutes for me. I usually put it on after showering and by the time I finish drying my hair, I`m good to go.

How it SMELLS: This is EXTREMELY important to me. If something doesn`t smell wonderful then get it away from me! The container says, "lightly fragranced with an addictive blend of sweet Tahitian vanilla, whipped shea and golden amber." I say it smells like vanilla and some kind of light unidentifiable baked good, possibly sugar cookies or icing, but more vanilla than anything else. Because of this, it layers wonderfully with most scents, and won`t bother sensitive noses. It has a lot of staying power and can be worn alone too. I`ve actually gotten compliments upon getting into the car with people after being at work all day, using no other scent and not having applied it since that morning.

What`s IN IT: The stuff on the label that I know makes for happy skin includes African Shea Butter, Mongolian Cashmere Extract, coconut oil, silk amino acids, jojoba seed oil, and sodium hyaluronate.

WARNINGS: Don`t use too much. A little goes a really long way. Seriously. I mean it. That picture of my hand? I scooped just the tip of my index finger into the jar and rubbed maybe a third of that onto my palm so you have an idea of what we`re dealing with. What`s in that hand just coated both of my arms, fingertips to shoulders, including my elbows and the backs of my hands. Let it dry completely before getting dressed or it will take longer to absorb into skin.

OTHER STUFF: Not tested on animals

Now go, get thee to thy local mall and for Pete`s sake, or better yet, your sake(unless your name happens to be Pete, in which case that becomes redundant) get yourself some of this skin crack. Slather some on, wait a few minutes and let me know if I can give you a big fat, "I told ya so."

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