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4 years ago

DISCLIAMER: I did not pay for these, they were set to me for review from: (check them out)
I have put this review off for a while for two reasons. One reason is because my camera broke and I am waiting on it to come back from repair but I couldnt wait any longer for this review so I will do another post showing photos that I have taken. Another reason is to test it out while I went away and I cam back a few days ago.
First impressions
My first impressions were that they were alittle too small and I thought they would not last a week for a holiday but how wrong it has proven me. I went for 9 days away this half term and I took one and used it everyday and it is still half full. It says they have 50 sprays in it but personally I think their is more, it seemed it anyway,
Customer services
These were fantastic. They initially sent me some of their products to review but it got lost in post and they kindly sent me another package out with two colours in and I could also choose the colours which I really appreciated. Another reason that I though the customer service was fantastic was because they also sent me a smaller version as a complimentary gift for the trouble of the postal service. Customer service was always in contact with me and replies to me very quickly to every email and fantastic over all. They are very kind and always thinking in the best interest of the customer. 10/10 for customer service.
The website is very clear and easy to use. Alot of websites I find hard to use but this is laid out very easily. I think the website could have done with alittle bit more colour on it to make it look colourful and bright but the products certainly make up for the colour.
These are made from aluminium and their is a wide range of colours to choose from. They have a handy transparent side so you can see how much perfume you have left which I think it great and it is also shatterproof. They are very sleek and can just fit in your handbag. They are also the correct amount to take on an aeroplane which is always a bonus. I just love these and will deffinately be purchasing some more. They are so easy to use. You need to put your perfume on a hard surface and remove the cap. You need to pump the travalo aptomizer on the perfume and it will load it up with perfume ready to use. One thing I do not like about this is you cant clean it out. After you use one perfume and want to change the perfume, the two scents mix but other than that, their isnt any other faults with the product. It does not contain any glass so their is no worry of the product smashing.
Height: 86mm
Price: £9.99
9/10, would be a 10 if their was a way of removing the top or something to clean it? But I am in love with this product and intend of making a purchase for more very soon.

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