Review: Tone Petal Soft with Pink Peony Rose Oil Body Wash

3 years ago

Usually when I wash I use a plan old bar of anti-bacterial Dial soap. On one hand is good as kills germs, bacteria and body odor. But on the other hand it dries the living daylights out of your skin. So I was pretty excited when I found out I was getting the chance to try out the new Tone Petal Soft pink peony and rose oil body wash.
When I used this moisturizing body wash for the first time it was very nice. Reading the other reviews I was a bit apprehensive about using this as some people said they had trouble with the scent being to over powering. So I planned a head and instead of using this body wash with the Neutrogena hair care line, which I am also testing out, I ended up pairing it with my fruity herbal essence totally twisted shampoo and conditioner. If you are very sensitive to scent I would forgo this product as it is very strong and may cause headaches. I was fine with the scent during the shower but about 30 minutes later started getting a headache. The scent does stay on the skin after rinsing and applying lotion, I`d attribute this to the rose oil. It also leaves you skin feeling soft and semi moisturized, but not so much so that I go skipping lotion. Also I wouldn`t use the body wash without a poof or lufa, I have scrub gloves and had to use a lot more product just to get a lather going. The bar soap may have been a better bet for the tools I have to wash with.
Overall its a decent product and I would more than likely repurchase this in a different scent that doesn`t bother me so much.

I couldn`t see tossing out a whole bottle of body wash, so I ended up asking my aunt if she wanted to try this and just let me know what she thought of it after so I could type up another review.
After letting her try it for a few weeks I asked her how she was liking it and this was her response:

At first, when I smelled this I thought it was going to be very over powering and cloying so I only used a tiny bit. After my first shower I found that it left a nice light scent on my skin that lasted most of the day. So I began to use a bit more and it last longer, its like a light perfume. It lathers well and leaves my skin moisturized after the shower but the moisture doesn`t last all day so lotion is a must. I like the smell but I don`t feel like it doesn`t get me clean, I think this just may be because I`ve used bar soap all my life. But my daughter seems to like it a lot.

These particular body washes do come in soap form as well for anyone who only like using soap.

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