Review: The Truth About Acer

4 years ago

About two years ago I purchased an Acer netbook. Initially, I was very pleased with my purchase because I believed I got an amazing deal for it, 200 dollars Canadian. I brought it home from the store after I had the technician upgrade and install the add-ons into the netbook. For the first six months I was very content and surprised by how much a little netbook could do. However, after a year passed, my computer completely stopped working. I gave it to brother, who is an engineer, and he opened up my netbook only to find the motherboard melted. Apparently, the fan in the netbook did not support the device. I must note that this is not my only horrible experience with acer. I also had an acer 17 inch laptop. After a year the same thing happened, the mother board melted. I know for certain many acer laptops and netbooks do not contain a feasible fan and many of parts in acer laptops and netbooks are made out of cheap plastics. Thus, acknowledging my horrible experience with acer, I will most definitely not buy an acer product any time soon.

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