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4 years ago

Hey dolls, so todays post is on something that I got for Christmas. It`s something that I have been interested to try for a while now and I am excited to show you dolls. So anyways lets get to it...

It is the InStyler! I`m sure all of you are famillia with the annoying infomercials starring this hot iron and although I was extremly skeptical of it (as I am with all infomercials haha) I have to say I think I love it!

I am (or was) an avid user of hair straightners as I have wavy frizzy hair and a straightner was my best defence of tameing my mane however after years of using them my hair was definitely not the healthiest. Also my hair never seemed to stay straight which always frustrated me, the ends would flick and it would be frizzy.

With the instyler I straighten my hair after I wash it at night (I let it air dry), and it is straight for days and NOT flicky or at all frizzy! With a flat iron I would straighten my hair the same way after washing it however I would do this mainly to make straightning the next morning easier and when I would wake up in the morning it would be slightly wavy and a bit flicky. Because of this I would have to straighten my hair each day (even though the ends would still slightly flick through the day) so for me to only have to use the InStyler once after I wash my hair is GREAT!

I use the InStyler by sectioning off my hair and running through each section fairly slowly. The bristles help feed the hair through, aligning it straightly through the rotating barrel. Going slowly means that you won`t have to go over each section multiple times. When I am finished I run over any bits that I feel need a little extra. I love how shiney, natural, soft and frizz free my hair is after I use this tool! In the past using a straightner my hair felt rough and looked crushed. I have also used it for curling which it also does well.

Now part of the reason that I was skeptical of this product was because I have seen a lot of negative reviews on it and I do have to say that it isn`t a miracle worker and I know that not everybody will like it however I am happy to say that I am very impressed with it and it works incredibly well for me. The only possible negative I can think of is that the bristles do get bent quite easily, I only got mine at Christmas and after the first use they had bent although I will say that I haven`t noticed it to affect the result.

So overall I love this. My hair has never looked so good or felt so good. I will also mention that I do use a heat protectant with this. So what do you dolls think? Have any of you got an InStyler?


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