Review: Tea Tree Oil for Acne!

2 years ago

Hi guys! So today, I`m back with a review! I`ve been using tea tree oil for my acne for about a month now, I decided to try something different - I wanted to try something `natural` and I`ve heard great things about tea tree oil.

The only thing I can`t stand is the scent- boy oh boy is it strong, the scent will stay on you and it will stink up whatever room your in. I purchased this at Sprouts for around $8-10 depending on which one you buy.

How I use it:
I take a Q-Tip and pour/dip the Q-tip into the jar and then I dab the q-tip on my zits - I used it like it`s a spot treatment.

Did it work?
It actually was pretty effective for acne- keep in mind I have mild acne (I get a couple of zits here or there) I would say that this would work great if you have mild acne (zits here and there) but maybe won`t work as great for those with severe acne. It makes my skin feel great, however, this item is strong and I would not recommend to someone who has really sensitive skin, it might be too much but if you were to dilute it or something it might work great.

Other than that, I totally recommend you giving it a shot, it`s about $8-10 and it clears on your pesky zits - however there are cons like the scent, how it might be too harsh for sensitive skin. I also really like it because even if you don`t have acne - it could be use for many things such as healing sun burns etc!

Definitely give it a shot! If it ends up not working for your acne -it`s a staple item that is very versatile and could be used for many different things!


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