Review: Tarina Tarantino Dollskin Cheek Palette

4 years ago

*all pictures belong to me EXCEPT the last swatch picture: please credit me and the link I provided if taken (: Hey everyone! I`ve been doing a lot of short trips back and forth from my home to the city where I go to church...and choosing what makeup products to take is always a dilemma! I have, however, found that I continue to take the;productId=P298748&amp;keyword=dollskin%20cheek%20palette&amp;_requestid=35300 with me because it`s super nice for travel, great quality, and includes gorgeous blush colors <3 If you`re interested in the review, keep reading! . __Packaging: The blush palette comes in sturdy mirrored plastic gunmetal-colored case that has this hanging jewel chain detailing going down it. It`s very sleek and pretty thin, so great for travel! On the inside, there is a huge mirror as well. The only thing I didn`t like about the packaging was the flimsy black plastic the blushes were encased in. Although I personally haven`t had any problems with it, I could see it cracking if handled without care. I do believe they made it that way so you can remove the blushes after you`ve used them though. That way, you can depot shadows/blushes and place them inside afterwards if you want (haven`t tried this so can`t tell you if other products would fit, but I`m pretty sure they would be able to!) __Colors: This palette comes with 4 different colors, described officially as: Feather (shimmery peach - top left), Parasol (shimmery bright pink coral - on the top right), Carved Rose (cool vivid pink - bottom left), and Candy Cameo (shimmery pink - bottom right). I would describe Feather as a semi-shimmery light peachy pink; Parasol as a semi-shimmery bright candy pink; Carved Rose as a matte blue pink/mauve; and Candy Cameo as a sparkly blue pink/light mauve. I love that they included different finishes! The only reason I only gave 4/5 stars is because the bottom 2 colors are pretty similar; with the exception of the sparkles in Parasol (which I`m not too big a fan of). __Pigmentation: The pigmentation of all of these blushes is phenomenal! Although the swatches I have provided don`t seem like they would be so (and I apologize for that), I provided a picture (and the source link below) to swatches that show the true color of the blushes! Swatches from left to right (in both pictures): Feather, Parasol, Carved Rose, Candy Cameo. On the cheeks these blushes look absolutely amazing :) Don`t be fooled by finger swatches, you have to try these on your cheeks to see how they truly perform! __Texture/Quality: All of the blushes are silky smooth and last a pretty decent amount of time on the face (around 8-10 hours)! They are made without parabens and are not tested on animals! __Price: At $45, this palette isn`t exactly cheap, BUT I think it`s well worth the money! All of the blushes are about half the size of a full-size Tarina Tarantino blush (which retail at $25 each). Although you`re not exactly getting a super huge discount when you think about it technically, I`d much rather pay for 4 blushes at $45 than pay for 4 full sized blushes at $25 each. The blushes included are a decent size, and I don`t see myself hitting pan on any of them anytime soon. __Overall: Overall, I highly recommend this blush palette! You get 4 pigmented, great quality, long-lasting blushes, the packaging makes it great for travel, and it`ll most likely last a long time :) Definitely check it out if you`re a blush fan! If you already have some Tarina Tarantino blushes, I would suggest skipping out on this though! :D . That`s it for this review! Hope you found it helpful! If you have any questions/comments, leave them down below :) As always, feel free to rate, add me as a friend, and follow me <3

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