Review: Suave Keratin Dry Shampoo

5 years ago

I recently hauled this dry shampoo by Suave. I love me some dry shampoo so when I saw this on Nouveau Cheaps blong, I knew I had to try it.

-- Smells good
-- Inexpensive, I think its around $3
-- Sold almost anywhere Suave products are sold

-- Heavy
-- Not refreshing
-- Takes away shine for only a few minutes

As you can see I didn`t like this product. I sprayed it in my hair and thought eww it has a yucky greyish residue on my hair, but I knew the oil would absorb it, and it did. Then I thought alright I think I can live with it, it did what it had to do. Then 15 minutes later it was back to its oily looking step! It also felt very heavy and more dirty. I was so turned off by it, I wanted to jump in the shower and get it off my hair.

<strong>Hair picture 1 - </strong>oily hair
<strong>Hair picture 2 - </strong>hair sprayed with the dry shampoo
<strong>Hair picture 3 - </strong>hair after it absorbed the dry shampoo
<strong>Hair picture 4 - </strong>hair 15 minutes after putting it in my hair.

Im going to stick to my <strong>Pssssst Dry Shampoo</strong>, I`ve tried several different ones and I always come back to this one. Ahh good ol` Pssssst!

<em>Do you use dry shampoo?

Which one do you use?</em>

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