Review: Suave Dry Shampoo Spray

4 years ago

This is the dry shampoo from Suave. I believe its a fairly new product. I initially wanted to try the dry shampoo from DOVE but it was sold out so I grabbed this one instead. I bought mine at CVS but you can get it for cheaper price at Target, $2.54. I actually found out about this through youtube. My hair get SUPER oily easily and I find myself needing to shampoo every 2 days. I wanted to try this out only because I hear that its not good to over shampoo your hair. Also its suppose to refresh your hair if you dont have time to shampoo, etc. Supposedly this product also adds volume which I am also in need of. The spray is super easy to use. You basically part your hair around the crown (top) areas and sides, spray it to the root area (8-10 inches away), rub that area with your fingers gently to work the product in. You can also use a comb or brush to comb it through until you dont see any whitish powder. The oilyness did diminish a little and I did get a little extra body in my hair. However, you can totally feel the product (powder) sitting on your scalp/roots. Kind of how u would feel mouse residue in your hair. My hair still felt dirty, if not dirtier =/. Instead of looking shiny, clean, and renewed.... it looked super dull and dry. I think it could be from the powder. Also the Smell was SOOOO obnoxious and strong. Youtubers have said it smells good but I think its too overpowering, with like a lemon scent. The smell stays in the hair for the whole day because its THAT strong. Overall, I`m not a fan of dry shampoo. I still want to give the DOVE one a try before I totally dismiss the idea. It is a quick fix for that "on the go" or emergency moments but I wouldn`t use it weekly. I would definitely bring this along on an overnight camping trip LOL. Instead of washing your hair the regular way and feeling super clean, you`re basically "masking" or covering it up with product. This will totally add build up to your hair and maybe even clog your pores. Not a huge fan but I`d still recommend you try it out just to get the experience and idea of a dry shampoo

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