Review: Sonia Kashuk Eye Makeup Remover

4 years ago

Now that I`ve finished the entire bottle of Sonia Kashuk`s Eye Makeup Remover, I wanted to do a full-on review, because it definitely deserves all the hype that it gets! Unfortunately for us Canadians, we don`t have access to this brand, but those of you who live in the US do. This lasted me a good 6 months I would say, and I believe you can often buy it with a small travel size attached for the same price, or use all those amazing coupons and points rewards that you lucky Americans get, lol.

I liked...
...the packaging (easy to store, easy to use)
...the amount of product (for the price range its in, amazing!)
...the consistency (after you shake it up you can flip it on a cotton pad or ball and you get just the right amount of product)
...the result (it takes off your eyemakeup really well!)
I don`t like...
...that I cant repurchase (lol)

I would totally recommend this product! I definitely do not suggest using just a makeup wipe for ur eyes and face (if you wear eye makeup like shadows, liner and mascara, its kind of hard to get it all off no matter how good the wipe). Plus, products that arent made for your eyes really shouldnt be used there unless you`re willing to pay the price long-term. So I would definitely recommend this.

In terms of what I`m comparing this to, I would say this is better than Clinique, and the same quality as Lancome`s Bi-Facil. Seeing as it does just as well as more high-end products, it`s definitely worthy every penny!

Let me know if you guys have tried this, or if you agree/disagree with my review! Happy Luuuxing!

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