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5 years ago

Disclaimer: All pictures are of my own and were taken by me with my own iPhone 4. The review was originally posted on my blog and my blog link will be posted as a source.

The pink handled Soho crease brush is something you can pick up at Wal-Mart for 5.97$ plus tax (at least in my area in North Carolina). I`ve also seen these at Walgreens, but I`m not sure how much they cost.

I was just browsing the makeup section a little bit (well, if I`m buying tampons nearby, I may as well take a little stroll in the cosmetics section) and when I looked at the brushes aisle, I was immediately drawn to the pink handles. My favourite colour isn`t pink (it`s turquoise, actually) but I love it when brushes are a fun colour and not the boring nude or black. Black is sleek, sure, but I also like fun and interesting. They have other brushes like shader brushes, powder, blush, etc. but I needed another crease brush to use with my MAC 217.

The first complaint I had, and I didn`t notice this until I got home, was that there is a little chip on the handle. It`s above my thumb in the photo. It`s not a deal breaker at all, but I like it when my brushes stay pretty for at least a week after purchasing. So sue me.

I`ve tried the brush on Friday afternoon and it`s... it`s alright. I used this to apply colour and blend it out a little rather than go for some full-on blending. I`ll stick with my trusty MAC 217 because it works with my eye shape best. It picks up colour pretty well and applies it well. It`s nowhere near as soft as the MAC 217. I found some hairs to be scratchy and some to be much softer than others. It was a little weird.

For a little over six dollars, it certainly wasn`t a terrible purchase. MAC brushes are 20$+ so buying a couple MAC 217s can really hurt your wallet, I know. I am curious about the other brushes. I`d even buy another one of the crease brushes for crease colour application (and just leave the blending up to the MAC 217). Maybe I`ll get the professional crease brush with the black handle. I`m curious. It`s a little more expensive though.

Have you tried out these brushes? What do you think?

Please look at the original review on my blog. It`s much more pretty. ;)

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