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4 years ago

<strong>Hello lovely Luuuxers!</strong>

I don`t know about you, but it seems like I am constantly on the hunt for new ways to maximize the utility of my foundations. I am always experimenting with different combinations, different setting powders, different moisturizers, and different ways of applying. I have always been curious about the Beauty Blender, but seeing as it is so expensive, I went on the hunt for a good dupe. I saw videos on YouTube stating that the SOHO sponge (available at Walgreen`s) was very comparable to the Beauty Blender, and at $7.99, much more reasonably priced!

You are supposed to take the sponge, run it underneath water to get it damp, wring it out, and then quickly bounce it off your face to blend the foundation. I knew that the Beauty Blender expands quite a bit when you do this, but this one did not. However, the texture is still very bouncy and it retains water rather well, so I believe it still performs like the Beauty Blender in that aspect.

As for foundation application, this makes my makeup look FLAWLESS. It allows me to get better coverage out of my foundation than my ELF powder brush, and helps me to blend more evenly than I can with my fingers. The rounded area of the sponge makes it easy to cover larger areas such as my cheeks, and the pointed ends help to blend in smaller areas such as under my eyes and around my nose. It is so easy to use, it makes my foundation application quicker, and it makes my foundation look amazing.

That being said, I don`t like this with every foundation I`ve used. It works really well with my L`Oreal True Match (original) foundation as well as my Rimmel Lasting Finish, but it doesn`t work as well with my True Match Lumi foundation. I`m not really sure why! With that foundation, my fingers are still my favorite way of applying.

To sum it up:
1. Inexpensive compared to the Beauty Blender
2. Shape works well for blending all over face
3. Makes foundation look airbrushed
4. Easily washable
5. Absorbs water so that it does not absorb your foundation

1. Doesn`t work well with every liquid foundation
2. Doesn`t expand when wet like the Beauty Blender (I don`t have the Beauty Blender so I can`t compare how it affects the performance of the sponge)

<strong>Hope this review helped! Have any of you tried the SOHO Beauty Sponge? Have you tried the Beauty Blender? Thoughts? :)</strong>


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