Review: Social Butterfly Hair Perfume

4 years ago

Straight off the bat, this is a useless product. I received this in my Glymm box for the month of July and it is not only a complete waste of everyones money but its a waste of the manufacturers time who are making it. This product is essentially a very cheaply packaged little spray that is made to give your hair a nice scent.

In case you guys havent noticed, hair retains smells more so than skin. So if you spray your perfume on the back of your neck, near your hairline around your neck, etc., it retains the smell better than your wrist or something. Now I don`t understand why any company would think we need a separate product (on top of the scent of shampoos, conditioners, hair products, our perfumes), but some "genius" thought the world needed this waste of space and made it.

Personally, I want to pour out this cheap disaster and use it as a perfume holder for my purse. I would also like to find all the other ones and burn them.

Hope you enjoyed. Happy Luuuxing!

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