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OMG the old classics are coming back we all remember Sly cooper and the gang I loved playing it as a kid on the PS2 and now they have made a new one on the PS3 yay. I can not wait to play the game. The game got a respectable rating of 7.5 which is that bad i guess.

The plot of this game is Thieves in Time follows from the conclusion of Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves; Sly is faking amnesia to be with Carmelita, Murray is racing with the team van, and Bentley and Penelope are constructing a time machine. However, the words began vanishing from the pages of the the Thievius Raccoonus, along with Penelope, so Bentley reforms the gang to repair the damage to the Coopers` history and find out who is responsible. Meanwhile, Carmelita discovers Sly`s deception after she catches him robbing an art museum, and wants to permanently get her hands on him for lying to her.

The team begins their time-traveling journey in Feudal Japan, where they rescue Rioichi Cooper, a ninja and the inventor of sushi. After a showdown with El Jefé, a military strategist tiger who overthrew several small countries and sold them to the highest bidder, Rioichi`s cane is stolen. In the Wild West, the gang breaks outlaw Tennessee "Kid" Cooper, who was framed for bank robbery, out of jail. They also discover Carmelita being held hostage by Toothpick, a self-proclaimed "gunslinger" armadillo posing as the town`s new sheriff, under the orders of a black-market art dealer skunk named Cyrille Le Paradox who sent her back in time to impede her investigation of him. The gang, however, gets captured as well. After the rescue, they manage to defeat Toothpick, but unforeseen complications cause them to be sent to the Ice Age. Sly tries to apologize to Carmelita, but she angrily shuns him. They later meet a cave-raccoon that they nickname "Bob", and team up with him to stop The Grizz, an art thief bear forging cave paintings. After much thought, Carmelita finally agrees to assist the gang in order to stop Le Paradox and return home. They then travel to Medieval England, where they recruit Sir Galleth of The Knights Of The Cooper Order, a knight with a flair for the dramatic. They confront the evil Black Knight, but are shocked to discover it is actually Penelope, who believes Sly is a negative influence on Bentley and provided Le Paradox with a means of traveling through time. This revelation sends Bentley into a deep depression, but he overcomes his inner demons and arrives just in time to save the gang from Penelope. The gang finally catches up to Le Paradox in Ancient Arabia with the help of Salim Al-Kupar, the last active member of the Forty Thieves, and battle Ms. Decibel, a "music snob" elephant with the power of hypnosis. Le Paradox`s plan is eventually revealed: forge documents in the past depicting a fake royal lineage to expand his fortune and influence, and steal the Cooper ancestors` canes as revenge for his own family`s misfortune as thieves. As a final insult to Sly, he kidnaps Carmelita.

The gang returns to present-day Paris, now under Le Paradox`s control. Using Carmelita as bait, Le Paradox captures Sly. However, Bentley, Murray, and a team of Cooper ancestors retrieve the missing canes and free them just as Le Paradox inadvertently rips a hole in the space-time continuum. Finally apologizing as given a chance, Sly sends everyone home just before entering a final showdown with Le Paradox atop his blimp, ending with Le Paradox falling into the sea. The various villains are sent to prison, with the exception of Penelope, who remains at large. However, though Le Paradox was later found and incarcerated, Sly has mysteriously disappeared, saddening everyone, including Carmelita. Despite this, the gang vows to do whatever it takes to find him, no matter where or when he is.

If all trophies are collected, a secret ending shows Sly waking up in front of a jackal-headed temple in Ancient Egypt, assuming a sequel.

I`m sorry if i ruined anything for you :P.

I do not own any copy rights to this post. you know you love me.
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