[Review] Sleek MakeUP Oh So Special Eyeshadow Palette

5 years ago

A friend of mine went to London earlier this month to visit the university she`ll be attending in the fall and while she was there I asked her to stop by Super Drug to pick up a Sleek MakeUP palette for me.

Many people have been raving about their eyeshadow palettes and honestly I was a little underwhelmed by it. I guess there`s so much hype around it because every review that I`ve read gave it such high marks that when I did get it it didn`t live up to that hype. I was like, "This is it?" when I tried it.

All the shimmer shades were great. They had a buttery/powdery texture (which I hate/love). They were also well pigmented. The problem was with the matte shades. I love matte shades and I would prefer them over shimmer or glitter shades but these were not pigmented at all. They also had a waxy feel too. I had such a difficult time with them that I didn`t even bother using any of the matte shades. In terms of how long they stay on, if you have a primer or base underneath they will stay on for a good amount of time. I had on a LORAC eyeshadow primer and was able to go 5-6 hours until they started loosing that rich pigmentation you see when you first apply them on.

Overall, I was not impress and I was so excited for it too! =( Hopefully, I like the lipstick better. I have yet to try that out though. By the way, each shadow is about the size of a US nickel.

Be sure to check my website for more pictures and my on-going blog sale. =)
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