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4 years ago

So today, I want to show you guys this product and tell you why I am in love with this product. I usually to say that I have a really bad hair (and I am not kidding!), my hair is so stupid, dry, dehydrated, resected and brittle. It is very difficult for me to take care of it, because even using a lot of products to make it more alive it still looks very dry and dehydrated, which is really bad and let me so sad and angry. Anyway, I didn`t find a miracle problem to solve all my problems with my hair but i found this product which not solve all my problems but already helps a lot. I already made a post talking about another product from this brand, check it /viz/review-skala-coquetel-de-frutas. As you already see, this product is a Shampoo and it is from the brand called
Skala. I personaly think that you guys who lives in USA (for example) won`t find this product because this product is from Brasil. The most important content of this Shampoo is shea butter. I don`t know if you guys know the properties from the shea butter but it is very hydratant. This Shampoo doesn`t have salt and promises a deep hydration for who has a dry and brittle hair (like me!). It also has Vitamin E and D`Panthenol. This Shampoo promises to restore and develop the hydration, softness and beauty to the wire. I can`t see my inside of my hair, but i can tell you guys that my hair stays so much soft since i start using it (and I only use it one time!). This is so easy to apply, like a normal Shampoo, you only have to apply and massage the scalp.
So, these are the reasons why I totally recommend this product: 1st: Since the day I started use this my hair became more soft; 2nd: It is cheap; 3rd: After use this i feel a big difference because I can comb my hair with any problems; 4th: Seems to disappear to dryness; 5th: My hair looks like it`s alive again. For who lives here in Portugal, you can find it in the supermarkets called Pingo Doce and I guess it only costs 2,99. If you want to have more informations about this brand just see their website
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Disclamer: This brand only send their products to Bolivia, Paraguay and Portugal.

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