Review: Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes

4 years ago

I received a free sample of some Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes from my last Target Beauty Bag and just finished them up a few days ago. Here`s what I thought of this product:

* The packaging was resealable, which helped keep the wipes moist
* These were great for removing makeup, especially my water proof eyeliner which usually takes me FOREVER to scrub off with soap and water
* They were pleasantly scented with a baby wipe type smell
* My face definitely felt clean after using them!

* I`m the type of person who scrubs her face pretty hard when I wash it and while these cloths weren`t abrasive at all, I thought that they made my face feel raw. I usually don`t have this problem with my normal face wash and wash cloth, so I kind of think it was the formula itself that was irritating my skin and not the cloth itself. I thought this was a bit weird considering the whole marketing ploy for this product is targeted towards "sensitive skin." I wouldn`t call my skin sensitive at all!

Final Thoughts:
Overall I liked this product as a makeup removing tool, but I wouldn`t use it as my primary facial cleanser. Since I got it for free, I don`t know how much it costs in the stores, but if it is a decent price, I would buy it again just to get rid of my pesky eyeliner at night :P I don`t think I would recommend it to those of you with sensitive skin, but that`s just me!

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