Review: Silicone Keyboard for MacBook Pro

I purchased 4 silicone keyboard cover skin shields for my Apple MacBook Pro 13.3" on Ebay because I want to protect my keyboard from dust/food/liquid/etc. I first checked out Best Buy, Fry`s Electronics and they were selling these keyboard cover skins for $30 bucks a piece. I looked on EBay and they were only $1 each and free shipping. Only problem? It took about a week or so but I`m saving a lot of money why not? I had doubts they wouldn`t fit because $1 vs. $30 but guess what? These fit perfectly!

A lot of color choices - I bought black, teal, pink, red and I want more. You can accessorize your Macbook for only $1!
It`s a little bit hard to type but you get used to it (I am now, and it`s been over 3 weeks of using these keyboards)
The keyboard serves its purpose, protects from dust getting in the keyboard.. If liquid spells accidently/food then the keyboard will be protected as well.

Overall: If you have a Macbook or any laptop, I would highly suggest getting a silicone keyboard especially on Ebay, real affordable and does what it claims! :)

<strong>Do you use silicone keyboards for your laptops? Does it come handy for you too?</strong>

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