Review: Sigma Cleasing and Polishing tool

Hey all! So I really wanted to review a product that I am absolutley LOVING! This is the Sigma Cleansing and polishing too available from for $39.00. I got this for christmas so i really have had a while to try it and make a great review... I have never tried the Clarasonic, so I will not be comparing the two.

Lets start off with packaging:
It comes in an adorable pink and white vintage box and when you open it you will find the tool itself with a brush head on it and then two other interchangable brush heads. The tool comes in a sturdy plastic pink box with the sigma logo on it and lies in this recyclable plastic.

I am absolutley IN LOVE with this tool. I can honestly say my skin has done nothing but improve since using this tool. It has three brush heads: soft(all pink) which is meant for daily use, medium(mostly pink with a white circle in the middle) which is meant for occasional/weekly exfoliation, and firm(mostly white one) which is meant for body/tougher skin. This also has two speeds a fast one and a faster one that you click the button to control. This runs on ++A batteries and i`ve had mine in since christmas and there still going strong so that isnt an issue for me.

The first time i used this i was amazed and i really love this product. It makes me skin incredibly soft and really gets all the dead and dry flakey skin off. I mostly use the all pink head and I`ve used alot of cleansers with this but at the moment i`m using cetaphil and i`m loving that combo. I have dry/combo skin and i use this on a daily basis.. i have not noticed this drying my skin out at all. I really like that you have options with this the interchangeable brushes are genius and there are replacment heads on the website. This is water resistance not waterproof but i`ve dropped it in a full bath of water and nothing is wrong with mine(i dont reccomend doing that though) lol.

So, overall i would give this product an A+ because I honestly don`t have one bad thing to say about it! I highly reccomend this! so check it out!

Thank you so so much for reading... I think i covered everything but if i didnt comment with any questions/comments! have a wonderful night xoxo:)

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