REVIEW: Shiseido Tsubaki Damaged Care Shampoo amp Conditioner

5 years ago


CONDITION: Normal/Shiny/Healthy
LENGTH: Medium-long
DAMAGES: Only from heat, my hair is NOT dyed.

Before I go into my review of the product, I want everyone to know how my hair is because it can definitely work differently on different types of hair. I have pretty healthy hair since I cut off a good chunk of it every six months but it hasn`t always been healthy. My hair used to bleached out completely but after many years of cutting it off I finally came back to my natural hair. Not only did I cut off most damaged parts but I used to use Biosilk Silk Therapy on a daily base which made my hair really silky. My hair is the type where after tying it up for awhile, it`ll just slide down.

Now that you know what kind of hair I have, let`s go into the product. I originally used Matrix Biolage Volume shampoo and conditioner for many years and I thought I should change things up. I decided to try Shiseido Tsubaki Damage Care Shampoo and conditioner, even though my hair isn`t damaged but the only other choices were the red one which is to make your hair shiny and the gold one which had essential oil in it and I`m guessing is to make your hair soft. Well, I really didn`t want anything that would make my hair oily or shiny since my hair is pretty healthy as it. After the first time I used it, my hair did feel awfully softer but after using it for a month, I realized I do not like this set. I must admit that it does make my hair smell good but so do most other shampoo and conditioner. The reason why I don`t like this product is that it doesn`t feel clean after I washed my hair. I almost feel like the conditioner is too conditioning and it`s really, really hard to wash off. I don`t like washing my hair too hard to prevent breakage but after I apply the conditioner I would have to stay under the shower for at least five minutes to make sure I get it all out. Even after staying under the water for so long, I still feel like my hair towards the root has conditioner residue. Let me see how I can describe it, I don`t know if this ever happened to any of you, but it`s like if you had forgotten to rinse out your conditioner after showering and it feels like you have lotion in your hair, that`s what it feels like. Also, I noticed that if I go for about 20 hours only without washing my hair again, it`ll be super oily! I never had this problem before. I guess Shiseido Tsubaki are designed for Japanese and from what my friends told me, Japanese hair tends to be a little bit more coarse than most other Asians. Perhaps this is the reason why it didn`t work out for me, but I definitely will NOT be repurchasing this especially since it`s not that cheap.

Does anyone have any shampoo and conditioner they can recommend to me, preferably something volumizing?

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