Review: Sheer Cover Mineral Foundation Kit

5 years ago

I recently ordered the medium/tan shade kit of the Sheer Cover Mineral Complexion Set. I had heard some things about their duo concealer and foundations so I was excited to give it a try. Please remember that all opinions are just from my personal experience with these products... don`t be discouraged if you enjoy these products or want to try them out. I just think its important to share my experiences with you all.
1) The box came with a medium foundation loose powder as well as a tanner one. I found both of these to apply extremely cakey and heavy on my skin. I have combo oily skin and I thought minerals were supposed to help mattify and allow the skin to breathe a little better, but this product showed me wrong haha.
2) Also with the foundation, the amount of fall out on my face was ridiculous. I could see specs of the powder coming off my face, leaving the product looking uneven and splotchy.
3) The bronzer is a cakey pure iredescent shimmer. If you just like a golden shimmer on your face, then you can consider this a pro, but for someone with oily medium toned skin, shimmery bronzer is a huge no no.
4) The brush that comes with this kit is absolutely horrible. Considerably the worst brush I have ever used. The feel of the bristles on my skin is rough and irritating, and the brush itself should not be considered a foundation brush at all, more like a blush brush, if anything.

1) The kit did come with a primer (Base Perfector Primer) , which I found to really enjoy. I use it every morning since the subscription keeps sending more bottles of primer over with the kit; its easy to get my hands on, not expensive, and its not such a heavy duty primer for everyday use. I use it with tinted moisturizer, although I tend to not even use any face product other than moisturizer on a daily basis. When I do use the primer, I find that it has a pretty good consistency, it minimizes pores, and keeps my face matte and my makeup fresh all day. It also hasn`t broken my skin out, which is always a good thing. I can`t say your skin wont react to this though, so just know your own skin type and what types of products irritate your skin.
2) The bronzer, although too shimmery for my liking, is light and shimmery enough for my medium skin tone to use it as a highlight. It creates a gorgeous sheen to my face in the light :)
3) The Duo Concealer is probably my favorite product of all time. I have been struggling a lot lately with under eye circles and bags, and this product has worked the best so far. The medium concealer duo comes with one yellow medium shade for fighting dark circles and the other one is a little lighter than my own skintone, which is good for blemishes and under eyes as well. I do not have any other skin issues such as blemishes, so I have just been mixing the two shades and using it for under my eyes. It can be cakey if you apply too much, but I havent had issues with creasing or cakiness for the most part.

Alright guys thank you so much for reading! Please leave feedback and/or requests for reviews.

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