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4 years ago

*Images are my own.

I recently purchased two of the new <strong>Kat Von D Shade Shifter</strong> eye shadows. I`ve gotten a chance to use quite a bit over the last few days because of weddings/functions, I thought I`d share my thoughts and experiences with them.

<strong>Price & Packaging</strong>
These single eye shadows retail for $16USD, $19CND at Sephora in stores or online.
You get <strong>2.76g</strong> of product and the detailing/packaging resembles the Kat Von D palettes but with a clear open window to see the color. The design again follows her trend of "tattooed" art work of flowers and the inside of the package contains a small mirror which comes in handy. Inside of each package, comes a little sponge applicator which I will talk about more later on. There`s a label on the bottom of the package stating the name, quantity and other manufacturing information. The cardboard box that it comes in has directions on the back on how to use this product, but it is not written on the back of the product itself, which I think it should. Overall, I rate the packaging an <strong>A-</strong>.

These shadows are meant to look their best when wet, and I can confirm that they definitely do! <strong>How it works</strong>: Make sure the sponge tip applicator is damp (not soaking wet) and get some of the eye shadow on it. Starting from the inner part of your eye, glide it towards the end, and then blend out and add any colors if you choose. The shadow will give you a duochrome finish.
You can also use these shadows dry as they are pigmented and easy to blend.
Normally I`m not a fan of sponge tip applicators (as many of us are not) but it seems to work wonderfully with this eyeshadow. I`ve also used regular brushes and they work just as well.
I rate the application process an <strong>A</strong>. Given that the sponge is the best way to apply it, I think it should have came with two instead of one.

<strong>Pros; What I like</strong>
- Long lasting and easy to apply. I did not experience any creasing or fading when having it on for 8+ hours.
- Lovely finish; duo chrome. For "On the Road" its similar to MAC "Club" eyeshadow which is a favorite of mine, but its easier to work with/blend
- Can be used combined with other shadows, but because of its multishades, you can wear it on its own and it`ll look great.
- Can be worn wet or dry
- Better quality than the shadows in the Kat Von D palette
- Sleek packaging.

- Works best with the sponge tip applicator, which means I`ll need to re-purchase some when this one goes bad.
- EXPENSIVE, for a single eye shadow in Canadian dollars
- As of now, there`s a limited color selection (only 4!).
- For Canadians, only available at Sephora (in stores and online).

I hope this review helped some of you!

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