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4 years ago

I don`t know about you guys but I didn`t realize before I got into makeup what a great tool Q-Tips can be! You can use them to diffuse or cleanup your eye makeup, you can use them to get off any remnants of your mascara, you can use them to make sure there`s no lipstick on your teeth or in your lips (gross, but you know what I mean lol). There`s just so many great uses for these little guys! At first I used to buy the original Q-Tip brand, which are great, but then I discovered the Selection alternative, and I haven`t looked back since.

I like...
... the price (I save almost $2 every time)
... the accessibility (available in my grocery store AND walmart)
... the quality (identical to Q-Tips)
... the cotton (I prefer these to Q-Tips because they`re not as fluffy, which is good for the various uses with makeup)
I don`t like...
... that I can`t just buy them in bulk (I go through these regularly so it would be nice if they sold huge boxes so that I wouldn`t have to go grab more every month or so)

Overall, I recommend trying this brand rather than buying the standard Q-Tips because you can save a few bucks every time and they do everything just as well, or better!

Hope you enjoyed and happy Luuuxing!

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