REVIEW : Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips

4 years ago

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So i actually had a chance to use these nail strips that my friend got me, and i have been wanting to try these since forever. I actually have never tried these before, so this was my first time trying any nail strip stickers.

So i actually got the ones from Sally Hansen, called the Salon Effects Nail Strips.
I actually really liked them, and i totally reccommend this to alot of people who dont have time to do their nails or who are really bad at painting them, haha!
So they are really like stickers, and what you do is that you have 16 strips in the box, and you choose which one is right for your nail size. They range from small to big, so you can find your nail size perfectly. You basically just peel the sticker off of them and press it onto your nails, and done!
I actually really liked the idea of it, very unique and creative, but i personally think that painting your nails are a bit better. When you place the sticker on your nails, i can feel like i can rip them off, which i dont want! If you messed up a bit (like what i did) and didnt totally smooth it out, it will mess up and chip a bit. It says that it is supposed to last about 10 days, but one of my nails have already chipped... and i just used them like on friday, which was like 3 days ago......
I usually change my nails every week, so i personally do find these strips a waste because ill just end up taking them off. But i do like how easy and simple they are to use, and also they have tons of colours and designs to choose from. I totally love this flower one, and its perfect for spring time. Really pretty and cute.

For me, i would give these Nail Strips a 7 / 10, i do like them but i find that theyre not for me. Unless i used them very carefully and correctly, haha!

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*photos are mine

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