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4 years ago

I`ve been wanting to the new trend of nail polishes, that being the magnetic nail polishes many brands are coming out with lately. Of course, they can get pretty expensive, even the drugstore brands are really up there so I`ve pretty much put off in getting one but luckily I was able to get this in the Influenster Summer Voxbox. The color I received is called Red-y-Response or in number it`s #905. The name throws it off a bit since it`s not really red, it`s more of a plumy purple/dark violet. You can take the magnetic cap off and it leaves the bottle with a separate cap for the nail polish. The magnetic cap also has this curved (idk what to call it, stand?)...yes we`ll go with that, a curved stand on top of the cap in which you can place directly on your finger so the magnet won`t touch the wet polish when you`re about to place it over your nail.

After testing this on my mom and myself, I see it`s best to take one step at a time. The pictures I have above is actually my second attempt at it because the first time around it didn`t show up as much. I also made a few modifications to get the desired results.

The directions say to apply the first coat on each finger and wait till dry. Then apply the second coat one finger at a time. When applying the second coat <em>quickly</em> take the metal part of the cap and place it over the nail. It says to wait 10 seconds but I found that 20 to 30 seconds gave me better more defined waves. I also recommend waiting for it to dry a bit after it has created the magnetic wave effect because after putting my top coat on, some of the waves started to smudge together somehow. Another thing is the thicker the coat, the better it is for the magnet to change the nail polish.

It`s a fun concept. I really enjoy seeing the plain color change into waves right before my eyes. I notice that I can get two different effects with this; I either get a curve pattern or a pattern of diagonal lines; I really don`t know how I did it lol but I`m assuming it had to do with how I angled the magnet? It also looks cooler when your outside, it`s kind of flashy in a way and I just get this psychedelic feel when I look at them haha. If it weren`t for the somewhat steep price (considering it`s drugstore) I would love to get Ionic Indigo next.

Have you guys tried out the new Sally Hansen magnetic polishes? Or any other magnetic polish brand?

Images are my own. Please do not take.
<em>Disclaimer: I received this as part of the Influenster Summer VoxBox program for testing purposes. All context above is 100% my honest opinion.</em>

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