Review: Rimmel Scandaleyes Flex with Lycra mascara

we all have our preferences when it comes to mascara, some like a dryer formula, others a more wet one, some like little brushes, other huge ones, it`s all subjective. personally, I am not a fan of dryer formulas, I like big brushes, I don`t look for specific attributes such as lengthening, etc., I go by the way my lashes look, oh and I don`t layer mine either. with alllll that being said, I recently picked up this Rimmel one for a few reasons, I liked the idea of a big brush, it was on sale, and I`ve been meaning to try their mascaras for a while lol

ok, according to the package - it`s a new formula, buildable, flexible, gives volume, 50% larger brush and I got it in the shade black. how do I feel about it ? hmmm, well at first I thought it might compare to the MUFE smokey lash, and it`s close but no cigar. the brush is the same shape but when I`m applying the Rimmel it almost feels like my lashes are getting caught in the bristles which is kinda weird, it`s a very dry formula so you really can`t tell there`s much on the brush. because my lashes get maybe not caught but snagged ? hard to describe, but anyways, because of that the brush doesn`t just glide easily coating the lashes. I only applied two coats today.

I do think it`s flexible, my lashes do not feel crunchy or hard or stiff at all so it`s VERY nice in that aspect. is it buildable? well I think if you can get over the getting snagged part you should be able to layer it just fine but I`d suggest having a good lash comb handy, like the real techniques one that`s made of metal. does it give me more volume ? probably not, I think that like any other mascara it coats my lashes which makes them more visible, that`s it. it hasn`t flaked at all which is awesome, I don`t know how it handles curling because I don`t curl my lashes but with the flexible thing probably not so well. I do like it, it`s a nice mascara, not bad for $8.

so, bottom line is, yes, it`s a nice mascara, it has some things I don`t really care for nothing I can`t live with, maybe if it was a little wetter I`d like it way better. as I said it`s similar to MUFE, even Benefit Bad Gal so I think if you`re looking for a more affordable option, this might just be it !

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