Review: Rimmel London 25HR Lasting Finish Skin Perfecting Foundation

Hello! Today I want to talk about this Rimmel foundation that I have been using for a little over a month now. It`s the 25HR Lasting Finish, with comfort serum and SPF 20. On the bottom it says `Skin perfecting | Full Coverage foundation` - we will see about that.

So if you are interested in seeing what I think about this, then enjoy reading!

So, I bought this a while ago from Savers since they have all Rimmel products under 5 GBP (this one retails for 7-8 pounds if I am not mistaken). I did my research online before getting it because I wanted a foundation that has at least a medium coverage... I do not need it, it`s just a personal preference. So after I read a few reviews on Rimmel foundations I decided that this is the one I want to try.
The thing I am not really thrilled about is the shade. I am not very pale, so I thought that the 2nd to lightest shade (201 Classic Beige) would be a good match - it is a bit darker, so if you are very fair watch out for that. I feel like they lack shades for people with a light complexion, and while I can use a lighter powder and get away with it, this may not work just as fine for other people. It would be awesome if you can test it when you see it first, but there were no testers at my store.

If you read the back they promise this foundation will do a lot of good stuff - I will try to comment on everything they say... but first let`s talk about the packaging.
So it`s in a sleek bottle and it comes with a pump - pretty good pump I would say, I feel like you have a great control on how much product you want to take out. Thumbs up for that.

Okay so they say that this foundation is supposed to last up to 25 hours in different situations: ` Sweat, heat humidity and transfer proof for up to 25 hours`. What I say:
Transfer proof? Yes and No. If they meant transferring on to your clothes that may touch your face/neck, then they are wrong - this baby will transfer like no tomorrow. If they mean transfer proof after you`ve set it and then touch your face... maybe. I noticed that when I blow my nose (TMI, sorry) it transfers way less on the tissue and it doesn`t wear off as easily as other foundations do. Also if you touch your face and things like that, the transfer rate is quite low. But it still transfers!
Sweat and heat humidity proof? Uhm... it`s winter and it`s freezing cold where I live so I didn`t really do a sweat test (unless I went clubbing, it did last good). It`s very humid indeed and the foundation seems to stay in place for a good amount of time. Also, I`ve been wearing this outside while it was raining (storming, it never just rains here) and it didn`t seem to move, fade or start looking nasty. Thumbs up for that. It also gets quite humid where I work as well and it stays on through the night.

They also say ` Full coverage foundation enriched with a comfort serum. Instant perfect coverage that feels extra comfortable and lasts all day`. What I say:
The coverage is more of a medium buildable to full in my opinion. The reason why I say that is because it does a hella good job at covering imperfections and redness in one thin layer, but I feel like in 2 layers my Stay Matte mousse did a better job at hiding my dark circles than this one does in 1-2 layers. I still love it though. It does an amazing job at making my skin look flawless and covering the black dots on my nose and the pores on my face.
I`m not sure what to say about the comfort serum. I guess I don`t disagree - it doesn`t feel heavy and I don`t feel like I am wearing a mask on top or anything like that. But then again I`ve never had this problem - I put on foundation and then forget about it.
Speaking about how it feels... let`s talk about how it looks. Even though the coverage is pretty high, it blends into the skin very nicely and it doesn`t look like you are wearing a mask. it lasts pretty well throughout the day without getting into the fine lines around my mouth and on my forehead. However I find that if you use too much of this under your eyes, then conceal and powder it may sink in the fine lines after a while. I mentioned earlier that it covers the black dots on my nose perfectly and I thought I should add that my skin is normal except for the nose area which either gets dry or oily. It looks good in both scenarios, if I think about out of all the foundations I tried so far this does the best job on my nose.

Let`s see what else...
It looks great in photos and videos - because of the lighting you won`t even be able to tell that the shade isn`t a perfect match lol. You can check out my YouTube videos that I`ve posted in the past 3-4 weeks if you`re curious :)
It has SPF 20, but I don`t notice it flashing back. I do always set it with the Stay Matte powder so maybe that`s why I don`t look white in flash photography but I am not sure if that is the reason. I attached a picture at the top so that you can see what it looks like in pictures taken with flash or in natural lighting. My bronzer and blush look a little bit washed out in the flash picture, but as long as my face looks nice and skinny (contoured) I am happy with it.
It has a light sweet and fruity scent (maybe not fruity, but definitely something fresh) which doesn`t bother me. However after a few seconds I either get used to it or I can`t smell it anymore.
A little bit of product goes a long way, so 1 fl oz/30ml should last me for at least a good 3 months. I usually use about half o` pump if I apply it with my fingers, and about 1 pump for brush/sponge application (maybe more if I want to build it up).
It looks good no matter if you apply it using a sponge, brush or your fingers. I feel like a sponge might take away some of the coverage but it also gives a beautiful finish.
The finish is matte, pretty much.

Now let`s talk about the `25 hours lasting` thing they claim... I work a lot (12hours/night) and party a lot so a few times I decided to pay attention to what it looks like after a certain amount of hours.I don`t touch up throughout the day either, nor do I use a primer on my face.
After 12 hours it still looks great. It did sink into the fine lines under my eyes a little bit, but other than that it stayed in place pretty well. The bronzer/contour/blush/highlight were still in place too. I also touch my face a lot so I was pretty glad that I still have foundation on lol! The eye makeup was in place though.
I tested it for 14-15 hours twice... One time I was too exhausted and the second time I was a bit drunk but I remember checking out my under eye area and my nose - under eye was so and so, used less product there these times and it didn`t start looking nasty. However after blowing my nose on and off it did wear off around my nostrils. Can`t remember anything about the bronzer and blush though, but the eye makeup was fine.
The longest I`ve had this on for was 19 hours on New Year`s... again I was drunk as heck before I removed it so I may not be as accurate. It was pretty much gone from my face - my nose, chin, cheeks and forehead only were a little bit tinted, but I no longer had that nice coverage. There wasn`t much product on my under eye area either, but on the lids my makeup still lasted (except for where I was rubbing my eyes...thank you itchyness!)

So no, it probably won`t last on your skin for 25 hours (I don`t have a face primer to test that). But I believe that most people only need makeup on for 8-10 hours while at school/work :) If you have a longer day or decide to go out afterwards, then touching up might help.

Overall: would I recommend it? If you are looking for a higher coverage foundation yes. It works amazing on me and at the moment I feel like I am going to rebuy it once I run out (unless I decide to try something else). It doesn`t look/feel heavy or anything, but if you prefer a lighter foundation that will allow your redness/freckles/whatever to be visible, then this is not for you. Also, since I have a normal skin I do not know how would it work on different complexion types - it does look good on my nose, but I suggest you try it out first...

This is everything for now. Nothing else crosses my mind, so if you have any questions ask me! :)

This is not a sponsored post. I bought this item with my own money, all of the opinions you read above are my own and I am not paid to feature this product.

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