Review: Rexall Nail Polish Remover Sponge

5 years ago

I was at the drugstore recently looking for a new nail polish remover, and saw this nail polish remover sponge on sale for $1.50. I haven`t had one since I was 14, but I decided to try it out!

Inside the container is a sponge soaked with nail polish remover, with 3 openings on top. The idea is that you stick your finger in the holes, twist them around, and then your nail polish will come off. Personally, I find that it`s not as easy as it would seem, and that it takes me several attempts to get all of my polish off (especially glitter polish!). This product probably works best if you only use one or two coats of nail polish in total. As for me, I use at least two coats of base polish, sometimes a glitter or crackle polish, and then a top coat - I`ve started using a base coat, too, so that`s even more polish to remove!

Inside the container, there is also a nail and cuticle "dauber". In the second photo, you might be able to see a metal ring poking up out of the sponge. That`s the handle of the dauber, which hooks around the sponge. It`s apparently meant for touch-ups after you do your nails, but the thing is HUGE and is not made for precision. It`s not very good at removing polish directly from the nails, either, as the material it`s made of is very slippery and smooth and does provide much in the way of friction. I haven`t included a photo of it because I`ve used it a couple of times now and it already looks gross, lol. >.<

So, would I buy this product again? Maybe not. It`s cheap and I don`t have to use cotton balls with it, which is great, but it takes me longer to get my nail polish off, so that`s a definite downside. I think I might just stick to regular nail polish remover in the future!

<strong>What kind of nail polish remover do you prefer to use? Have you ever used a nail polish remover sponge?</strong>

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